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Vice President: Dongxue Wanqing Cadre: also letter Cadre: Baoni Cadre: Water is poor President of the club


Vice President: Dongxue Wanqing Cadre: also letter Cadre: Baoni Cadre: Water is poor President of the club: He Zao Club Manager: It was fireworks. Club administrator: Haoxing Club Administrator: Bonnie Club Manager: Purple Tassels The new rules of Haitang Wenshe: Naxin Tenet: As long as you have the courage to sail, Begonia is willing to be your beacon! As long as you have the desire to write, Begonia is willing to fly the wings of dreams for you! We don't ask you to be a big God and a small God who hold up half the sky. We don't expect you to be a blockbuster, As long as you like words, As long as you love literature, Begonia welcomes you with open arms! Here, you will find your direction. Here, you will never be lonely, nor will you be left out. There are like-minded sisters here. There is a spirit of solidarity here. Begonia is your warmest home! Regulations on Joining the Haitang Literary Society (1) The Begonia Literary Club is affiliated to the Women's Frequency Club. The members who apply to join the club must be women's works and have a certain list of works or a list of works to be completed. (2) When applying for membership, join the club first, apply in the forum, and then approve the membership after being examined by the relevant community cadres. (3) When applying to join Haitang, they have not joined other female frequency literary clubs and the clubs of the literary clubs, and the female frequency literary clubs do not accept repeated membership. (IV) Rights to join the club: recommendation of excellent works by the club, contract signing by the club, recommendation of the club page, joint advertisement before PK every month, joint advertisement of new books every month, through train recommendation of works on the shelves,Stainless Steel Shower Tray, chapter recommendation, writing guidance of senior works, Q A for new members of the club, interactive writing of new and old works, comments by professional jury, etc. (5) Obligations to be fulfilled by members: Obligations are equal to rights. After all, the two complement each other. If you want to enjoy the above rights,Flushometer valve, you must also fulfill your obligations. Take an active part in the activities of the club and the club, and do not be absent without reason! (VI) Basic requirements: Love Begonia, identify with the purpose of Begonia, and abide by the social rules of Begonia. Be able to live in harmony with the sisters in the community and make progress together. Love writing, can insist on updating, can not be interrupted without reason, stop more. MMs, welcome you to join Begonia, welcome you to stick to the beauty of the text! Chapter 141 of the main text and then into the blood demon hole. "What do we do now, sister?" Asked the kitten. Ye Lin thought about it and said, "Everyone must be tired. Let's get off the line and have a rest.". The time limit of the task is five days (realistic time), time is still relatively sufficient, we do not have to worry. After Ye Lin said so, everyone really felt a little hungry. So they nodded and went offline to eat. After the women offline, Stainless Steel Squatting Pan ,Time Delay Tap, Ye Lin came to the Demon Town and sent a message to Tang Qin, asking her to return to the Demon Town and discuss something. Moments later, Tang Qin returned to Fengmo Town. The two girls came to the meeting hall of Fengmo Town. After sitting down, Tang Qin asked Ye Lin, "Linlin, what's the matter with you in a hurry to get me back?" "Two things." Ye Lin looked at Tang Qin and said slowly, "The first thing is that the publicity of the auction conference has been done by Hoss (the middle-aged man of the auction house), but I think this publicity can not just point to him, we should also make some efforts.". This is what I think. The official forum has a very high number of visits. We should post a post about the auction conference. You are a veteran of the game, I think this post from you, should be more appropriate than me. Tang Qin thought about it, nodded slightly and said, "You're right. Leave the post to me. What about the second thing?" Ye Lin said, "The second thing is a task. You should know the butterfly dance that just joined the Rain League, right?"? The butterfly dance took a task. At that moment, Ye Lin told Tang Qin the details of the task. What did you say Tang Qin Teng stood up from the chair, "the reward equipment is so good?!"! Oh, my God, why don't I have a share? "No way.". The butterfly dance itself is the master. Ye Lin shrugged her shoulders. Said. Tang Qin sighed and shook her head. Said, "Depressed.". Why is the butterfly dance a wizard? But forget it. It's not mine. It's no use thinking about it. 'All Right. Don't be depressed. Ye Lin smiled. Said. Xiaoqin. You think five days of time. Can we finish the task? "One hundred percent can be done!" Tang Qin said without hesitation. Why are you so sure? Ye Lin is very confused. For this task. She has no idea in her heart. I really can't figure out why Tang Qin is so confident. "This task," said Tang Qin with a smile. Just ask the six of you in five days. Give those six things to Ron. Is that right? "That's right." Ye Lin nodded slightly and said. Look at that. Tang Qin opened his palm, "the only limitation of this task is to give Ron six things in five days, the task did not say that these six things must be obtained by the six of you in person!" "Yes!" After listening to Tang Qin's words, Ye Lin was suddenly enlightened! In five days, it was really difficult for the six of them to get six things. But if you add all the members of the Rain League. As well as the members of the three guilds of the Descendants of the Dragon, the Legion of the Wind, and the Sword Finger World, it is absolutely easy to get those six things in five days! "Xiaoqin, do you think it's a BUG?" "It should count." Tang Qin nodded and said. That Ye Lin asked with some concern, "If we use this BUG, will we be punished by the system?" Tang Qin smiled, "don't worry, the things you worry about will not be born.". BUG exists in every game, which is inevitable. The appearance of BUG. Not caused by players, in general, game companies will not punish players who use BUG, after all, BUG is caused by game companies. Of course, there are special circumstances. For example, if you have a big BUG, and use this BUG to cause serious losses to the game company or other players, then the game company will certainly be held accountable. This BUG we have now. Won't cause what loss to game company and player, so need not bear at all Ye Lin breathed a sigh of relief,stainless steel squatting pan, "then I'm relieved, otherwise, it's not worth the loss." 。