Jin Dou Wan Yan Cup

Zhao Jingcheng sighed sadly: "If you want the old lady's illness to get better, my young lady must come back as soon as possible


Zhao Jingcheng sighed sadly: "If you want the old lady's illness to get better, my young lady must come back as soon as possible.." When Jiang Yufan heard this, he unconsciously lowered his head with shame. Tong Yuqian and Lu Zhenniang said in amazement, "Why hasn't Miss Hua come back yet?" Zhao Jingcheng looked gloomy and only shook his head. "Why don't you ask Abbess Huiru?" Said Han Xiaoli in a complaining tone. Zhao Jingcheng immediately replied, "The old man went to see Abbess Huiru. Just now he passed by the ridge and found Xu gathered here." There are many monks and Taoists, and those who are surrounded in the center are very much like the Lord of the Little Castle and the five young ladies. After this, Jiang Yufan immediately remembered the monks of "Zhenshan Temple" and the old way of "Chunyang Temple". As a result, everyone turned around and looked down, only to see that in the dim twilight, the monk Juekong and others had already fled away. Trace. Then look at the "Chunyang Temple" of the old way of the quiet crane, is also leading more than 100 disciples, silently left, it seems that all some. Dejected. Just as everyone turned to look, Feng Lei Guai said respectfully, "Leader of the alliance, aren't we also preparing to visit Huiru?" Abbess? Why don't you ask the old hero Zhao to guide us to go together? As soon as Jiang Yufan heard this, he immediately praised him. Before he opened his mouth, Zhao Jingcheng said briskly, "Please go to Teacher Huiru's place to have a rest first." The array is also good. Say, when the first lead the way. Although Zhao Jingcheng did not ask Jiang Yufan why he visited Teacher Huiru, he was convinced that he would put forward this in front of him later. It is unnecessary to ask questions from time to time,Self-closing Faucet, which is also the reason why he is experienced. Everyone climbed the humpback ridge, led by Zhao Jingcheng, and galloped straight to the dense pine forest in the southwest. As soon as Han Xiaoli saw that it was the direction in which Teacher Huiru galloped that night, according to the fact that there were several Liuwa palaces in front of her that had faintly escaped from the end of the forest. Obviously, Ciyun Nunnery is just one of several temples. By this time the sky was getting darker and darker, and even a wisp of sunset glow in the western sky had disappeared. Han Xiaoli unconsciously took a look at the eastern sky, how she wished to see a bright moon rising! However, she was disappointed,Service Sink Faucets, even that night and Tan Lang hugged and kissed the bluestone sitting under the moon, I do not know where. A cool breeze blew in her mind, and Han Xiaoli hurried to her mind and found that she had arrived in front of the forest. When they entered the forest, Zhao Jingcheng's posture did not diminish at all, and he crossed two huge courtyards in succession. Continue to gallop to a deep valley surrounded by several peaks. Jiang Yufan and others saw this situation, all feel lucky to meet Wanli Piaofeng Zhao Jingcheng, otherwise, if you want to find Huiru teacher Tzu Yun Nunnery is really not easy. Around the corner of a cliff, everyone's eyes brightened! In a bamboo grove in front of him, there was a red-walled and green-tiled nunnery shaped like a small ancestral hall. The nunnery wall is not high, the nunnery door is oval, in addition to a larger Buddhist hall in the center, there are several stone walls and tiles on both sides and in the back. House. After Jiang Yufan and others looked at it, they all looked stunned. If it weren't for the six big characters "Namo Amitabha Buddha" written on the red wall, stainless steel shower tray ,Manual Flush Valve, He'an A small plaque on the door reads "Ciyun Nunnery", and few people believe that it is the place where Huiru teacher is too quiet. Because this is even narrower and simpler than the Suxin Nunnery at Zhengyang Pass, where the teacher is really like. Especially, after passing through several magnificent and magnificent grand view courtyards, it makes people feel even more pitifully small. However, it gives people the impression that it is quiet, indifferent, unadorned and detached from the world. In everyone's mind, they had already arrived outside the nunnery gate. Wanli Piaofeng Zhao Jingcheng immediately looked at Jiang Yufan and Lu Tong's five daughters and whispered, "This is it. Wait for the old man to knock at the door!" Then he climbed up the steps with only one piece of bluestone and raised his hand to knock twice on the vermilion door. After a while, there was a light and swift sound of footsteps inside. Lu Tongwunu and Wukong looked at each other and knew that Mrs. Huiru was about to come out and open the door. Han Xiaoli, in particular, is not only emotionally excited and shy, but also has a trace of warmth and kindness. There was a sound of the latch, and the door opened with a "ah"! Wukong and the others all stood in respectful silence. When they looked up, they saw a little Shani, about thirteen or fourteen years old, with a bald head and a grey monk's robe. As soon as the silly boy saw it, he blurted out unconsciously, "Oh, it's a little monk!" Hearing this, the bald man immediately glared at the Iron Arhat and hissed at the same time, motioning him to "talk less nonsense". At this time, the small nun who opened the door saw Jiang Yufan and Wukong and others, first a Leng, then to Zhao Jingcheng, he said respectfully: "It was old benefactor Zhao!" Zhao Jingcheng hurriedly asked with concern, "Is the teacher in the Buddha Hall?" The little nun immediately said respectfully, "I'm meditating in the quiet room!" As soon as Zhao Jingcheng heard this, he immediately said excitedly, "It's just right. Please report it for me. It's said that the old man respectfully led the river of Jiugongbao." The Lord of the Young Castle and the five young ladies, as well as the male and female heroes of the'Ranger Alliance ', have come to pay their respects to the teacher. Xiao Ni took another look at Jiang Yufan and others, then respectfully answered "yes" and turned to go in. Zhao Jingcheng looked at Jiang Yufan and the five daughters of Lu Tong as if they were half masters, and said respectfully, "Lord Shaobao and the five of you, please." Madame, go in! Then he bowed and stretched out his hand. Jiang Yufan and others were not modest and walked into the nunnery in order. I saw a few clusters in the nunnery. It was very quiet. An oil lamp had been lit in the central Buddhist hall. There were still a few incense sticks burning in the darkness. Look! I can't see what gods and Buddhas are worshipped in the yellow curtain. By this time, the little nun had entered the long tile-roofed house at the right end of the Buddha Hall, and the light was on. Zhao Jingcheng seemed to conclude that teacher Huiru would invite Jiang Yufan and others to go in, and continued to hold hands, asking Jiang Yufan and others to continue to tile. Walk to the front of the house. At the same time as Jiang Yufan and others walked to the front of the tile-roofed house, Xiao Ni had already come out of the house. The little nun clasped her hands together toward Jiang Yufan. With a slight bow, she said, "Abbess, please welcome the Lord of Jiang Shaobao and the five young ladies inside." As he spoke, Jiang Yufan and others arrived at the door of the house. Wavelet scanning,Stainless Steel Toilet China, Zhang Danfeng OCR Old Rain Building exclusive serialization Remembering the third part of Jin Dou Wan Yan Cup, Devil's Hand Buddha Heart, Continued Chapter 23 Incense Burner Attack. cnkexin.com