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In these pictures, there is the shadow of the fat man, but that is not important. What is important is that the


In these pictures, there is the shadow of the fat man, but that is not important. What is important is that the MMs in these pictures are all on time and have a good figure. Of course, similarly, their appearance and key parts are blurred. As soon as these pictures were sent out, they attracted a lot of people's attention. Damn, this fat man is so happy to have so many beauties! "It must be a rich man, or with his virtue." "Today's people, ah, the world is really getting worse and worse. If they do it, they have to shoot it, and if they shoot it, they don't put it away." …… Landlord, I believe you! Which university is this? Break the news! "Resolutely resist mosaic!"! Call "The third woman looks familiar. I'm sure I've seen her picture somewhere." "A bunch of idiots, I don't know if there's a technology called PS now." "Upstairs, I think you are an idiot, have the ability, you PS to see?"? I've studied it, and there's no sign of photoshop! …… Because of the large number of top posts, this post has remained on the first page of the board, the number of clicks has continued to rise, and the number of replies has reached five pages. On the sixth page, a netizen suddenly replied: "This fat man looks familiar. If you don't guess wrong, he should be from our school. Landlord,Flush valve price, is he from Weiming University?" But at this time, "Gossip Party 007" appeared again. He followed the classmate and replied: "Finally, someone has seen this person. Yes, he is from Weiming University. If you want to see the photos, then give me the top post. When it comes to page 10, I will put the photos to show you the true face of this fellow." Soak the horizon of a lot of people, and they are usually people who like to watch the fun, see the gossip party 007 does not seem to be like those people before,Self-closing Shower Valve, nonsense, as if it is not the title party, so the reply to this post soon reached 10 pages, many people are waiting for the landlord to appear. But wait for a long time, the original poster does not see figure tardy however, this can annoy those people that pay close attention to this thing, scold him to cheat the feeling of everybody in succession, somebody still complains to station Wu, request edition advocate seal his ID. But this time, the gossip party 007 appeared at the right time, he opened another post, called "a famous domestic university student Yanzhao was leaked continued": Sorry, there was a sudden problem with the company's network just now, which caused it to be unable to access the Internet for a while, so I came late. Those brothers who scold me for deceiving people can have a rest. I have been in Tianya for a period of time. I have always kept my word and never entered a small black room. This time, I finally found a valuable gossip and kindly shared it with you. Unexpectedly, some brothers complained about me and asked the moderator to seal my ID. It's really sad! All right, Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo ,Prison toilet for sale, I won't say more nonsense, I keep my promise and release the original picture, but the original picture'very yellow and very violent 'may violate the rules of the edition, moderator please show mercy, don't delete my post! Later, the gossip party 007 released all the versions of the pictures sent out before, which were very clear, but the faces of the beauties were blurred. Some old members who often mix forums know that this post will definitely be harmonious, so they reprint or download these pictures early. Soon, the moderator found the movement of the post and made a response. However, he did not delete the post, but only added a mosaic to all the photos, and highlighted the post. The red font, in a black, was very striking. As a result, more people were attracted to come in and click on this post. Although what they saw on the first floor was only mosaic pictures, there were many links to the original pictures in the replies below. The content of the reply is also wonderful, some scold the fat man because of jealousy, some envy, and some praise the beauty of those women. Later, however, there were several very powerful replies. The first was the netizen who said the fat man looked like his classmate, and he replied: Damn it, it's really him! He is not the name of the school, the family conditions are very good, no wonder can play so many beautiful women. This classmate, it seems that he doesn't like the fat man very much. He doesn't even know where to find a picture of the fat man's life on campus. After this reply appeared, everyone began to launch a powerful human flesh search for the fat man. (Note: human flesh search refers to the use of artificial means to analyze, process and purify the information provided by the search engine, which has nothing to do with all kinds of actions on the body.) Finally, he quickly got his name, age, major, class and other information. Huang Zicong, 20, is a sophomore majoring in law at Weiming University. In addition, there was a key reply, which pointed out that two of the leading actresses were second-tier stars in China and had played supporting roles in several TV dramas. With the help of this man, the powerful human flesh search was launched again, and everyone began to focus on the two naked stars. Although their faces were blurred, it was not difficult for everyone, because the wisdom of the masses is infinite, and the eyes of the masses are discerning. Soon, netizens dug out the identities of the two second-tier stars. Although they could not find the original picture, they found several photos with similar shooting angles, and there was enough evidence, whether it was hairstyle, skin color, body lines, or even a small mole under the ear.. What about the others? Netizens began to be interested in several other heroines and began to dig out their information. However, more people began to pay attention to the fat man in the photo. How can a student from an unnamed university get together with so many stars? Although it is only a second-tier star, after all,push button toilet flush valve, it is a star, how can it be casual? Not to mention being allowed to take pictures. At this time, some netizens began to reveal that this may be related to Huang Zicong's family background.