Public persona cant collapse [infinite]

With Gu Langlang's strong desire to protect the main personality, not only was it over, but she was bound to hate


With Gu Langlang's strong desire to protect the main personality, not only was it over, but she was bound to hate Quan Shiming, so she went to wash her hands and then walked into the undersea tunnel. All over the world Ming scolded in a low voice: "MD". Huihui: "Restrain yourself." Gu Xi told them that the laboratory could be reached through the sea cave. Walking in this undersea tunnel is like being in the sea, not a simulated marine environment. Huge turtles swam by, small fish swam around the big turtles and passed overhead, and the manta rays flew down to the edge of the tunnel and smiled. This fish is like a bird in the water. Gu touched the glass next to her with her hand, which separated them from the sea, and when her hand approached the glass, a circle of ripples appeared on the glass. Normal people here, will not try to touch the glass, the front met otters, jellyfish, skeletons, glass is used to separate them, people will only subconsciously away from it, how can it be close to it. Gu Xi oak half a hand into the sea, she also can not say how many meters deep here. Hand can also pull back, she walked the whole tunnel again, the tunnel is surprisingly long,plastic bulk containers, also more than ten meters, go out is the C hall. It seemed that there was no diving equipment to use, and she carefully observed where there was a sea cave. The sea cave is very mysterious. I don't know what's in it. Gu Xi was originally a stranger to the sea. After deciding to enter the aquarium, she carried out a simulation of the marine environment in the service area. One of them is the simulation of the sea hole, and when she sees the sea hole, she will be very afraid. The simulated sea cave still has suction. It is impossible to escape. It will be sucked in slowly. You can't tell what's in it. She could not stay here any longer, and the hint of the undersea tunnel was that she could not stay long. She took a breath and plunged into the sea. The water here should be very deep, but she did not feel the pressure of terror as if she were swimming in a pool. This made her breathe a sigh of relief,plastic pallet supplier, but she also needed to find the sea cave quickly, and there was a limit to holding her breath. The sea creatures here did not attack her. Gu Xi soon found the huge sea cave. She pointed ahead. Li En nodded to her. When approaching the sea cave, Gu Xi let himself relax and let himself be sucked in. After a while, there was a force in the opposite direction, and she felt like she was being spit out. Purr. Purr. Gu Xi Li lay on the ground, dizzy. It was a very technological white room, and she thought she should have come in through the window. Sure enough, not long after, the window spit out Li En again, and then other tourists, one did not fall, were spit out one after another. Everyone rested here for a few minutes, during which no one spoke. There is a door in the room, Gu Xi oak pushed open the door and was sprayed with water vapor, wholesale plastic pallet ,heavy duty plastic pallet, the taste was sweet, and then dizzy, eyes are blurred, you can see the blue dangling. Very heavy, the whole body is very heavy, but also feel very light, there is a feeling of the soul to float out of the body. Before the coma, Gu Xi oak vaguely heard someone say. Pull his soul out first, and when N3481 sees him, he goes on a rampage. =…… = [My God! Quercus planted!] Chapter 154 Fright Night at the Aquarium (12). What is N3481? The man in blue also said that he would pull out his soul. Then she probably knows what happened to the wound between the corpse's eyebrows. Gu Xi opened his brother's box a little before he fell into a coma. If the "he" in these people's mouths refers to themselves, her brother may be able to protect her. Also do not know how long coma, Gu Xi oak is shaken awake, a face is very close to her, her brain was confused by the medicine, a few seconds later to react, is Huihui ah! She stepped back at once, looking frightened. Huihui held the dropper in her hand, with less than a third of the yellow liquid left in it. Now that it's her turn to take the medicine, Huihui's teammates must have already taken the antidote. The result is not, the dragon son obviously took the medicine, Huihui's next target is the whole world Ming. He went over his teammates and gave her medicine first? Long Er sat on the bed next to Gu Xi, coughing and saying, "Sister Gu, are you all right?" When he observed Gu Xi, he was also recalling what had happened before. The glass in the undersea tunnel is a film like soap bubbles, but it looks thick. People can go in and out of the film, and the film-like glass will not break. The creatures in the sea will not try to touch the glass, because they can't live without water. Gu Xi explained to them at the beginning that the laboratory could only be reached through the sea cave, which was near the undersea tunnel. Even the newcomers did not ask much, and they probably understood that they could not get an answer by asking'why '. In the realm of the undead, the rules are tried out. The first person to discover the sea cave is Gu Xi. The animals around the tunnel are gentle and will not attack tourists on their own initiative. The place where the animals are rare is where the sea cave is located. Tourists inside no one can not water, even the dragon can hold to the side of the sea hole, and then do not have to work hard, the sea hole will naturally suck them all in. Perhaps because the tourists did not stay in the tunnel for a long time, this time there were no ghosts, undead, or poisonous creatures. The process was very smooth, and they arrived at the laboratory one after another. Gu Xi oak is all right of course, she shook her head imperceptibly, even if it is a response to the concern of the dragon. Long Er: Oh! It is the master Ge Gu Xi Quercus who now occupies the body. No wonder she was in a hurry to open the door and leave. Her behavior was very reckless. It turned out that she didn't want to stay in a confined space with them all the time. Without the protection of glasses, masks and hats, the owner must have been very anxious at that time. As soon as the door opened, everyone fell into the trap. The pink mist came in, and the dragon lost consciousness at once. Also can't blame Gu Xi oak, hit is just a little earlier,collapsible pallet box, a little later difference, after all, no one thought there was an ambush outside.