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The author has something to say: Are you ready to go for a little flirting? 、17 The night is dark. The hot


The author has something to say: Are you ready to go for a little flirting? 、17 The night is dark. The hot weather in the past few days has made the night sultry, and the air seems to be stagnant. Qin Zhan came across the road with one hand in his pocket. Gu Xinyi looked at the ground hurriedly, and the street lamp stretched his shadow-it was a living person. She patted her chest and soothed her frightened little heart. It's okay. It's okay. It didn't come out of her black and white print. Do not know why, Gu Xinyi heart always some guilty perturbed, see people come, subconsciously avoid, back to the supermarket, ready to open the door from the other side and then go around. Gu Xinyi. Someone called her. The voice is clear and clean, like a snow mountain and ice spring flowing slowly in this bitter and hot summer night. It's Qin Zhan's voice. Gu Xinyi frowned and stopped. It was the first time she had heard Qin Zhan call her name, which had been called by countless people for more than a decade, but never had such charm. Like breaking to crumble to taste, the three simple words were rubbed between his lips and teeth, and there was a lingering murmur. But has she heard of it anywhere? Have you ever heard her name called? She could not remember for a moment, but Qin Zhan had already come to her side. Gu Xinyi was so excited that he said hello to him: "Hello, Professor Qin. Good evening." "Well, it's all right." He uttered a few words, then said no more, and fixed his eyes on her face. Looking at her again? Gu Xinyi's abdomen. She found that Qin Zhan liked to look at her very much, without affection, simple and peaceful, with some appreciation and joy in his eyes,plastic pallet box, which made people feel comfortable. Come out and pray for rain? Qin Zhan swept over her and looked at the environmentally friendly shopping bag she was carrying in her hand. The bag was half transparent, and the cigarette logo was very clear. How did he know? Gu Xinyi was surprised. Is it difficult to ask him for rain and he sensed it? Really? She suddenly the whole person is not good, curly hair, very embarrassed to smile, said: "Ha ha ha, yes ah, you … …" Don't you have time for military training? Beg for rain? She thought it should be the only possibility,euro plastic pallet, but- Qin Zhan at that time Xiao Jingteng has not yet called God, with whom to beg ah? Qin Zhan frowned slightly and said, "I didn't go to college. I went straight to graduate school." Gu Xinyi a listen, the potential meaning immediately came out-a group of mortals, how can I need military training? Only then did she remember that Erpang had introduced him as "Pauli of the 21st Century", and she was instantly awestruck, a glittering God! It turns out that the legend is true, and he really went straight to graduate school. It's like a superman who can do anything. I can't do everything. I can't pick fruit. He said frankly, "Will you?" Only then did Gu Xinyi know that she had accidentally said something in her heart. She bit her lip and gave a positive answer: "Yes." Qin Zhan opened his eyebrows and handed her the food bag with a smile: "I want two dragon fruits, a lemon, a strawberry, and cherries." She first deposited her shopping bag at the front desk, and then came back to help him choose the fruit, Qin Zhan in the pocket, long jade standing aside, plastic pallet manufacturer ,plastic trash bins, so watching her movements. The fruit in the supermarket is very fresh and looks good, but Gu Xinyi, who is entrusted by others, will naturally choose it carefully. How are you today? Qin Zhan imitated her appearance, looked at the strawberry, and opened his mouth. Gu Xinyi beamed at the thought of today's early dismissal: "Professor Qin, thank you very much today. If it weren't for you, we would have to train for at least two more hours.". We don't know how to thank you! Later, she heard that the boys in the opposite platoon had been trained for a week because of the dissatisfaction of their superiors, and they were miserable. She smiled brightly, standing in front of all kinds of fruits, the whole person seemed to be sweet, and a red mole on her eyebrows flew with her smile. Qin Zhan did not open his face and kept silent. She looked at him doubtfully. Then he said slowly, "Thank me?"? Then treat me to an ice cream cone. "Huh?" Gu Xinyi is lucky for the boy's extra training. Hearing his words, his eyes are round. "That, pardon?" Now he was easy to talk to. He nodded and repeated, "Invite me to eat the ice cream cone.". ” excuse me? Are u teasing me? Gu Xinyi now not only feel that the whole person is not good, she felt that the world is mysterious, Professor Qin said to eat ice cream cone? Ice cream cone has always been a big thing in summer, crisp egg rolls, cool and delicious cream, military training during this period of time is selling well, she always pinched the point to go, saving a lot of time in line. But this.. Gu Xinyi glanced at Qin Zhan, who obviously did not match this professor with a noble temperament. Gu Xinyi scratched his head and asked, "Well, are you hot?" "Well.." Qin Zhan's eyelashes drooped, covered his pupils, knocked on his temple, and said, "It's quite hot, roughly estimated at 55 degrees." He nodded in all seriousness. "55 degrees." 55 degrees? Did he use Fahrenheit or Celsius or Kelvin? Or a temperature unit she hasn't heard of? Gu Xinyi hit a ha ha, smiled gallantly: "That is really quite hot ah." She packed all the fruit he wanted and touched it quietly. There was no cash. She touched it again. Fortunately, she had a mobile phone and paid online. So she said briskly, "OK, professor, let's go after paying the bill." Qin Zhan took the thing from her hand, paid by credit card, and took the first step when she took the thing from the front desk, took it for her, "you lead the way." Seeing Gu Xinyi pointing to the environmental protection bag in his hand, he added, "It's fair that you treat me and I take things.". And I don't pick. As soon as he said this, Gu Xinyi was much less worried, withdrew his hand, and took him to the cold drink shop she loved on weekdays. The air had a tendency to flow,foldable bulk container, there was a little wind, and the leaves of the Chinese parasol tree were rustling. Gu Xinyi gathered up his long hair and felt a little cool. The cold drink shop was close to closing, and the owner and two waiters were preparing the next day's fruit. cnplasticpallet.com