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It turned out that soon after the king ascended the throne, there was a rumor among the people that she


It turned out that soon after the king ascended the throne, there was a rumor among the people that she was not the daughter of the queen. According to the results of the inquiry, the news came from the remaining party of the national teacher who had lost power. Sure enough, there is no impermeable wall in the world! I deeply realized this truth, but I didn't expect it to spread out so early, which made me feel a little sad. Rumors snowballed and spread more and more widely, and the matter naturally spread to the palace, making people panic, and everyone felt insecure, fearing that one of them would accidentally fall into the label of "national teacher's accomplice". The ministers made a lot of suggestions, saying that in order to quell the rumors, the overlord should be asked to come out to confirm the identity of the king. But the overlord left the palace on the grounds that she had abdicated and was no longer in charge of state affairs, and went to the palace to live her retired life. He did not give the king face at all, nor did he care about it. He had an attitude that you could make the country look like anything you wanted. The king had no choice but to suppress the rumormongers by force. The king took this move, but it backfired. The more they were banned, the fiercer they spread, and the more they were arrested,best green coffee bean extract, the more they fought, so that the whole nation was talking about it to each other. In this case, some of the courtiers who had opposed King Mao's accession to the throne, together with the remaining members of the Red National Division, were ready to start attacking the emperor without fear. And this, unexpectedly involved Ning Feng's father-too imperial concubine. Rumors spread to the palace, the palace is unusually cautious,stesweet stevia, for fear of a careless become a muzzle. But in this case, the imperial concubine was reported to have talked about the matter in private. The imperial concubine is the imperial concubine of the overlord. She is the biological father of Ning Feng and the adoptive father of the king. She has always been famous for her virtue in the palace. The imperial concubine had a son and a daughter, and the little prince Qing'er I had seen before was his son. In his early years, King Mao grew up with the imperial concubine. It should be said that the imperial concubine can be regarded as a father and a teacher in her early years. It is said that this time, after the imperial concubine heard the rumor, she only asked his attendant a few words, and was reported to the emperor by a conscientious person. To deal with this, the king did not care about the previous affection, so he sentenced the imperial concubine to castration with one hundred Tingzhang. The toffee was not young, and after Tingzhang, she died in a few days. After hearing this, Ning Feng at the border was very excited and rushed back to the capital immediately. However, jujube seed powder ,fenugreek saponins, as soon as he stepped into the capital, the king thought that he was suspected of mutiny and put him directly into prison. Ning Feng has not been given the opportunity to display her talent since the king ascended the throne. The king sent her to the frontier to deter other countries as the God of war of her country. Ning Feng has also been performing her duties well. But when it happened, she was disappointed. Folk rumors are flying everywhere, and there is no peace in the court. Somehow, there was a rumor that the overlord had given a secret decree to the minister when he abdicated. If the king could not be a good emperor, he would abolish her and welcome the real princess to the throne. I really don't know how this rumor got out. When the overlord gave me this secret decree, it was only me and the overlord. No one should know about this secret decree, but somehow it got out. My mother-in-law's words gave me some doubts and seemed to smell some familiar smells. When the king heard the rumor, he asked the minister for a secret decree. The minister always said no, saying that it was a misrepresentation among the people, but the king did not believe it. Instead, there was a gap between the ministers. Intentionally or unintentionally, he began to override the power of the ministers, and sent troops to surround the minister's mansion, closely monitoring the minister's family. King Mao's detention and surveillance of Shangshu and Ningfeng made many ministers in the court dissatisfied and began to criticize King Mao's actions. The king was also angry and began to slaughter the ministers who criticized her. For a time, the situation that had just stabilized began to be turbulent again. The regime is in a misty storm again. After thinking over and over again, Shangshu still felt that she would use the secret decree to abolish the King of Mao and return the stability of the country, so she was ready to come to Xuanyuan secretly and look for me. It happened that Ning Feng also escaped from prison, full of anger no place to disappear, and Shangshu alliance, also came to Xuanyuan. But as soon as they left the capital, they were discovered by the king. Along the way, hunting constantly, making the original Ning Feng side of the bodyguard also lost their lives one by one. Finally, after several tribulations, they came to my house. After listening to their stories, I was very surprised. Was the king I heard really the king I knew? Is it really the king who regards the people as his heaven and is full of enthusiasm to create a flourishing age? I have some doubts, and I am full of doubts. Will it be different if you really sit in that seat? "Yiqing, the king should not let us go.". You must pay attention to her raising troops to attack Xuanyuan, and take precautions as early as possible! Mother said to me. "Alas!" I sighed, "Now the king has stationed one hundred and fifty thousand troops on the border, ready to fight with us at any time, but also to prepare ah!" "What?"? So soon? Both of them were a little surprised. Surprised, he began to meditate, and this time it seemed not easy to deal with. I lowered my head and thought about the chances of winning this time. We were silent when Yingluo knocked at the door and came in. My Lord, here are your wife and the prime minister. They are waiting in the flower hall. What? Is Tai Nu and the prime minister here? We were all surprised. What are they doing here? Chapter 102 Tai Nu and the prime minister are sitting in the flower hall waiting for me. When I arrived, the two of them were tasting tea. From their expressions, they looked relaxed and casual. They were not too nervous because of the current crisis in the country. Tai Nu, prime minister! As soon as I got to the door, I saluted the two of them and went in with a smile. "Why didn't you tell me first?". Xiaoguan is also ready! Accompanied by my voice,lycopene for skin, the prime minister put the tea heavily on the table, and his face changed into an angry face: "Ready?"? Ready for what? Ready to run away, are you? 。 prius-biotech.com