Farmers Little Girl (Reborn Pure Field Warm and Sweet Pet)

"Nothing, just wondering how long you're going to be there this time." Han Jin hesitated for a moment


"Nothing, just wondering how long you're going to be there this time." Han Jin hesitated for a moment and said, "About three or four months. It takes nearly two months to go back and forth. This is still a smooth road." "So long?" Lu Jiaoyue looked at Mei Zhuangyi to go out that period of time, she also did not dislike the original need for so long. What's the matter? Are you afraid you'll miss me? Han Jin raised his eyebrows. Lu Jiaoyue turned her face aside and snorted, "I won't miss you." "Really don't want to?"? You really don't want to? Han Jin said, go up to kiss Lu Jiaoyue, his beard has always grown fast, a day does not shave is a piece of green stubble, rub on Lu Jiaoyue's face, let her itch badly, even a straight hide. Stop it. It's not good for my parents to hear it. She gasped with laughter. Only then did Hanjin stop. They leaned their faces against her cheeks and whispered, "I'll be out for a long time before I come back. If you have something to do, ask your brother to go to the gambling house to find a big dog. He can usually do anything for you. Even if he can't, he will help you find a way." "What can I do? I stay at home every day and don't go out." "Just in case.". Also, if your aunt still uses you as a raft to find fault with your family, you can ignore her and deal with her when I come back. If you are really angry, go to the big dog, he has many ways to help you clean up. I told him before that he wouldn't do it. In addition,nail manufacturing machine, my brother-in-law is the county police chief, surnamed Li, called Li Shuicheng, my eldest sister called Han Lamei, if there are other things, you can also come to ask them for help, the dog knows where they live. I told my sister about us before. My sister originally said she wanted to come to your house to propose marriage,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, but I thought about it. My reputation is not good. You met this thing again. There are rumors outside. It always wronged you to propose marriage at this time. So I want to wait for me to come back, and then go to your house to propose marriage, and then you will marry me in style. For a moment, Lu Jiaoyue did not know what to say, but her nose was very sour. He is always like this, every aspect, no matter how big or small, and she, what virtue and ability. Tears remained in the corner of her eyes, and Lu Jiaoyue tilted her head to one side and buried it in the quilt. After a while, he said in a trembling voice, "I know." In the dark, Automatic Nail Making Machine ,Nail machine supplier, can only see a figure, so Han Jin did not see Lu Jiaoyue crying. I didn't react until I heard something wrong in her voice. Why are you crying? Lu Jiaoyue shook her head: "I didn't. I was just happy. I was thinking that I must have done a lot of good things in my last life, so I could meet you in this life." Han Jin laughed and said, "That should be because I did a lot of good things in my previous life." Hearing this, Lu Jiaoyue could not stand it any more. She put her hands around Han Jin's neck and buried her face in his arms. He did a good deed in his previous life. He saved his uncle, but he lost his life. Uncle Jinzi, you promise me that you must go out this time and come back safely. It doesn't matter whether I make money or not. I'm willing to marry you. "Good." It was not until Yinshi that Hanjin left. He still wanted to stay for a while, but Lu Jiaoyue knew that his father and his brother always got up early, and if he stayed any longer, he would hit the nail on the head. Two people reluctantly said goodbye, Lu Jiaoyue will help Han Jin this time to do the spring shirt out to him, Han Jin just turned over the window to leave. This is a few months before we can meet. Therefore, after Han Jin left, Lu Jiaoyue could not calm down for a long time. But no matter what, life always goes on. After Han Jin left, Lu Jiaoyue's days returned to the calm of the past, every day is to help the family do some housework, idle to do needlework, but also to pass the day. As winter goes and spring comes, everything comes back to life. Spring in Daxi Village seems to come very late, and it is not until late February that villagers are busy plowing the fields to prepare for the sowing. Lu Minghai and Lu Guangyi are already busy plowing the fields. During this period, Lu Jiaoyue went to the county again, accompanied by her eldest brother and second brother, of course. Did she go to the county to sell embroidery, or did she sell it to Tian/Yi Ge. Because this time is not in a hurry, slow work out of fine work, not only than the last length to be larger, Lu Jiaoyue can also feel their embroidery and progress. Sure enough, shopkeeper Xu gave fifty taels of silver to accept the embroidery, and let Lu Jiaoyue embroidered things later sent to the cabinet, the price will certainly satisfy her. Lu Jiaoyue readily agreed. This was the first time Lu Guangyi had seen so much silver. Last time he heard from his family that his sister had embroidered a pair of embroidery and sold it for twenty taels. He thought it was very incredible. This time he saw it with his own eyes, and he could not help believing it. But he can also understand the hardship of this, but this embroidery sister embroidered a whole winter, a little free to do in the room. Mother is right. You'd better do less embroidery work in the future. Our family is not short of this money. You can save it for your own dowry. Lu Guangyi said. Lu Jiaoyue just smiled and nodded, and did not say what she was thinking. When she got home, she told the couple about the sale of embroidery silver, and the couple had the same idea as their eldest son, that is, to let Lu Jiaoyue keep her dowry. Only then did Lu Jiaoyue say that she wanted to send her second brother and younger brother to study. After listening, the whole family was very silent. Lu Guangzhi looked up at his parents and did not speak. Lu Guangyi took the lead in saying, "I think my younger sister's idea is feasible. My second younger brother wanted to go to school when he was a child,Coil nail machine, but his family was not well off and could not send him there.". As for the younger brother, also can't still scatter happy son to play everywhere. But I can't use my little sister's money. Our family doesn't have any money now. We should be able to afford it. Chapter 67. Chapter 67 Mei Shi hesitates: "eldest brother, you still want to say kiss..." 。