Li Liang-Wonderful Thief Ding Xiaogou Sequel

The two men had the same sneer on their faces, and Tie Chui put his mask on his head to hide his true face.


The two men had the same sneer on their faces, and Tie Chui put his mask on his head to hide his true face. He suddenly kicked at Nagu. Dong Ban Gate. There was a loud bang and the wooden door was kicked to pieces. Come out all of you! Tie Chasing Life roared, the sound shook the sky, and even shook the Wutai faction into a mess, thinking that the end had come. The two men have made great strides. Although Ren Qingyun lost his martial arts, he still pulled up his left prosthetic arm, ready to shoot explosives at any time to refuse. Enemy. In a hurry, the disciples of the Wutai Sect raised their swords to stop them. Tie Chui Ming laughed sharply, joined the no-man's land, and swept the past with four or five hands. Call the master out! You guys don't have enough to see! They saw that he was so fierce that they dared not approach him any more and were forced to retreat. Suddenly saw a middle-aged steady man, carrying a knife hurriedly led the elder to come, he looked and white cover and Ren Qing. The cloud, with a deep face, said, "The old man has seen the sky. Where did you two come from?" "You are the master?" "Not bad?" "Just want you!" Tie Chui Ming didn't want to answer any questions at all. When he saw the right person, he rushed forward and reached out to grab it. The bear was astonished when he saw the sky. The man was so quick and fierce that he could not retreat, so he had to cut it off with a knife. Who knows As soon as the iron chases the life finger to copy, the food, the middle finger scissors to the sharp knife, card ground one sound, cuts it. The bear saw the day this surprise is no small matter, hurriedly want to pull away, but that and iron chase life fast, right wrist was buckled, want to earn. It is impossible to take off. Tie Chui Ming Dengshi carried Jiulong Shengong, sucked its inner strength, and passed it into Ren Qingyun's Mingmen acupoint from his left hand. Xiong Jiantian suddenly felt that his internal force was suddenly constantly coming out of his arm, and he was so frightened that his face twitched and he roared to stop it. An elder raised his sword to attack, but he could not stop the foot of the iron chasing life, and retreated more than ten steps. Do you want to die? Ha ha ha In guffaw, iron chase life to suck faster, Ren Qingyun only felt the internal force like blowing a balloon to swell up, only a moment, already. More than 70% of the body was recovered, and he was so happy that he could move freely again. When the bear saw the sky, he suddenly gave a muffled cry, and the whole person had gone soft. Tie Chasing Life began to stop. "What do you think of Prime Minister Ren?" He laughed proudly. "Recover eight points quickly." "Grab another one!" Tie Chasing Life simply did whatever he wanted. He pounced on an elder, buckled his right wrist, sucked the internal force again, and passed it to Ren Qingyun. I heard the elder cry, and his hands kept twisting and pulling the iron to chase his right hand, but he couldn't pull it off, and his face was getting whiter and whiter. As if the blood had been drained, there was no color at all. In the blink of an eye, Ren Qingyun not only recovered his strength, but also gained 30% more than before. Only then did he show a smile: "Enough." Had he not been afraid of the side effects of smoking too much, aluminium coated tubes ,side impact door beams, he would have had to wait for the iron chasing life to absorb the internal force of the elder before he was willing to give up. With a message from Ren Qingyun, Tie Chui Ming picked up the elder and threw him at another elder. "Stay with you," he said with a wild laugh. Their dog life, half a month later automatically surrendered to the emperor's door, not all sent to behead! He and Ren Qingyun have swaggered away. None of the Wutai Sect dared to move, so evil, so evil, in this small gang, they were scared out of their wits. Who cares how to resist the enemy? When Xiong saw that he had lost all his martial arts, he could only lament: "Catastrophe is coming. It's not just the Wutai Sect. I'm afraid the whole world will be hard to escape.." The whole faction was sad. If the other party came back half a month later, how could they cope with it? It seems that Xiao Gou's temporary concession of half a month is probably a major wrong decision. Because Tie Chasing Life is completing his most important plan at this time. They had rushed to Shaolin all night to seize the important secret book. Before dawn, the night was darker and more desolate. The Shaolin Temple has only been calm for a few days, but who knows that it will face another catastrophe. It can be said that blessings never come in pairs, and misfortunes never come singly. Ren Qingyun spent two days, has been transferred to a large number of troops, while the end of the day, has touched the Shaolin Temple. ※ ※ ※ The morning bell is still ringing softly, but I don't know that disaster is coming. Tie Chui Ming was not masked at this time, nor was he wearing white clothes. In exchange for a blue scorpion dragon robe, he really thought he was the new emperor of Wulin. Like. As usual, he kicked open the gate of the Shaolin Temple and roared with laughter: "Come out all of you!" During the shouting, both sides took action. Ren Qingyun led the twelve stars outside the woman and rushed to the main hall. That is like an arrow out of the string of speed, like an army pressure. Impression-like momentum. The head of Shaolin and several elder arhat monks also stopped him in a hurry but in an orderly manner. Looking at Ren Qingyun, the Headmaster could not help but change his face slightly: "The villain bears the blood debt of Shaolin. He dares to be so rampant. I'm afraid today." I'm afraid I can't keep you. "Yes," said Ren Qingyun with a sharp smile, "I'm here to claim blood debts and avenge the Buddha." Tie Chui Ming cut off his mouth and shouted, "Hurry up and bring me the Yi Jin Jing. The leader of the alliance will spare your life!" "So you are here for the treasure of Shaolin. You are so arrogant that you look down upon the Shaolin faction." "Ha ha.." It's not that I look down upon it, but that I don't want to see it at all! "Who, sir, dares to call himself the leader of the alliance?" Said the head of the Arhat Hall. "Aren't you afraid of being encircled and suppressed by all the people in the world?" "Hey, I'm trying to suppress them. I'll start with the Shaolin Temple today!" The Lord of the Hall of Arhats answered him with a cold rebuke. Who would have thought that the iron chasing life suddenly shot like lightning, and the Lord of the Arhat Hall was feeling the enemy approaching, and wanted to meet and resist the enemy, but he saw one in front of him. Flower, stuffy cry, fell down several Zhangs, chest got a palm, blood hanging mouth, and the iron chasing life shot back to the original place, guffaw. Constantly. They were shocked by such a move to defeat the Shaolin masters. The Lord of Heaven immediately asked someone to take care of the Lord of Arhat Hall, and ordered several elders to prepare to fight back. Iron chase life still from guffaw: "How, pour one is not enough?"? All right, I'll take care of you too! He was just about to pounce. Front Leave it to me Ren Qingyun wanted to try to restore the power of martial arts, catch up with the iron chasing life, and grasp the shadow of the palm. Heaven dare not take it lightly, with the golden steel palm as the attack, Prajna Zen palm as the defense, to meet the past, one side touched Ren Qingyun palm Strength,impact beam tubes, the whole body has been crazy flow pressure, he reluctantly to the two hands, the power seems to be pressed down.