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Weekend morning is such a pleasant time, staying up late reading novels the night before and waking up naturally during the day.


Weekend morning is such a pleasant time, staying up late reading novels the night before and waking up naturally during the day. To see whether a person is happy or not, the most important indicator is that he wakes up naturally without any pressure. I think so. The blue sky is waiting for the misty rain, and I am waiting for you. "What a soul-stirring song, what a lovely Jay, but this song sounds like killing a pig at six o'clock in the morning.". I thought I might be dreaming, so I pressed my cell phone to change my position and go back to sleep. The blue sky is waiting for the misty rain, and I am waiting for you. "The sound of killing a pig rises again. Xiao Xue's confused and hateful voice comes:" Qin Qing, you go to die! " It seemed that something was really wrong. I pushed my cell phone away and put it to my ear: "Who is it?" "Five minutes. I'll give you five more minutes." A clear and cold voice came into my head, and I sat up suddenly. After brushing my teeth, I rushed out without washing my face. At dawn, Song Ziyan, dressed in sportswear, was fresh and handsome. He raised his wrist and looked at his watch and frowned: "I'm ten minutes late." I grimaced. "I thought you were joking yesterday." He looked at me casually. "When did I ever play a joke on you?" The morning wind blew over, and I shivered all over. It was really cold. He pointed to the wide road in front of the school. "Jogging two laps." I lay on the bed and wailed, "Come on!"! My life is very bitter! Xiao Xue threw a pillow over: "Come on, you have a morning meeting with handsome Song every day,Magnesium Oxide price, but you are still complaining here?!" I asked, "If you got up before six o'clock every morning and ran a thousand meters like a cow, would you still feel affectionate?" Her eyes obviously turned to sympathy: "I'm sorry. It's worth it to think that more than a month's morning can be exchanged for a year's relaxation." I hold a head: "What more than a month, from graduation there are four months, a full four months, ah,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, do I have to live such a pig and dog than the day!"! Look, look, I don't even have a little belly. Is Qin Qing still Qin Qing without a little belly?! She looked at me strangely. "Don't you know?" "Know what?" "Song Ziyan is no longer a substitute teacher. Everyone in the school knows that. Didn't he tell you?" With a surge of heat in my heart, I held her hand tightly and asked her word by word: "Are you serious?" "I thought he had a crush on you," she muttered. "Why didn't he even tell you this?" In her murmur, I had already climbed up with lightning speed and ran to Song Ziyan's office. There is a kind of hot thing flowing in my heart, urging me to wish that I could grow wings faster, faster, and even fly to him. I pushed the door open breathlessly. Song Ziyan was packing things in the office. It was obviously strange to see me: "What are you doing here?" I did not speak, but looked at him with a very eager look, and my hand grasped his clothes unconsciously. "Are you, are you leaving school?" He gave me a deep look. "Is that what you came to ask me?" I nodded forcefully: "You answer me is not." There seemed to be gentle water in his eyes: "I'm here to resign today." I looked at him in disbelief. "Really?" He nodded his head. My eye socket swells red, Magnesium Oxide MgO ,Magnesium Oxide powder, eye ground is a little hot: "Why don't you tell me earlier?" He held my shoulder: "Qin Qing, you listen to me..." I shook my head and backed away. "No, you don't have to say anything." Breaking away from his hand, I quickly ran out without looking back. The sunshine outside is a little big, the heart is too hot to speak of, the heart is full of swelling, and the tears oozing from the corners of the eyes reflect colorful light under the eyes. I know that they are tears of joy, they are real tears of joy, they are the excitement of the emancipated serfs singing the sweet end of suffering. From then on, there was no morning bell, no damn kilometer, no Song Ziyan. Song Ziyan, I don't know why my heart is suddenly empty. People's inertia is really a terrible thing, obviously yesterday too happy to stay up very late, but today I still opened my eyes at five o'clock. The dormitory is very quiet, there are few classes in the senior year, and there is no sound in the corridor outside. The school had not yet delivered electricity, the room was dark, and the sky outside could not be seen through the curtains. But when I close my eyes, I can imagine the scene at the school gate. The people in the canteen are carrying vegetables inside. The white-haired Japanese teachers in the school are jogging together. When they see us, they will greet us in Japanese and smile kindly. Song Ziyan would look at their distant figures and smile: "How nice it is to be like this." The morning light fluttered on his face, and there was a kind of quiet and distant breath. As I thought about it, I suddenly felt like an abandoned little thing, feeling sad and self-pitying. At three o'clock in the afternoon, the canteen was quite deserted. While chatting, Xiao Xue talked about me: "This Song Ziyan is cruel enough. How can you say that you have spent so many exhausted mornings together? Why didn't he even make a phone call when he left?" An exhausted morning? I said, "Sister, although you are an English major, as a Chinese, don't make such ambiguous sentences, OK?"? I didn't look up. "Why is he calling me?" She said, "Who did Song Ziyan talk to except in class? He was pressing you step by step at that time. I thought he was interested in you." Step by step? Although be a fact, but still ambiguous, I look at her seriously: "You see my face, gorgeous?" She shook her head. Pure? "" She shook her head harder. I was horrified by her ignorance: "It's just the experience of reading a lot of books. Like Song Jingui, the object specially created for the little girl's imagination will only be folded in the hands of two kinds of people, one is beautiful and smart enough to run a big international company or a killer alliance." One is that young and lovely people will fall down when they walk, and they are pushed to bed, and they are very silly and naive to say how you have more meat on your body. Do you understand a little? She gave a thumbs-up: "Good consciousness." In the appreciative eyes of the crowd,Magnesium Sulphate producer, I nodded modestly to make a final conclusion: "In a word, we both look down on me, and I don't miss him." 。 stargrace-magnesite.com