The invisible queen

Tang Nianyu quite bitter. All the people on the boat, Yi Yan stood at the bow looking ahead, a green figure suddenly appeared


The queen mother and others all knew Bai Xinyan's life experience, and were stunned for a long time before they reacted. The existence of the Yi family was not known by too many people, but with the identity of the queen mother and others, the word Yi family was thunderous. Xinyan, I didn't expect you to be the eldest lady of the Yi family. The Empress Dowager reacted, but it was still difficult to calm the surge in her heart. She hesitated for a moment and said, "If that's the case, the mourning family will change their name to call you little Yuna." Originally, I wanted to be called differently from others. Why don't you call me Ayan? Yeah, it's not good. Smiling, Tang Dashao came up and ignored Murong's air conditioning. He reached out and hooked up with Xiao Yanyan on the shoulder. He said, "My son has foresight. But Xiao Yanyan, I didn't expect that you are really not the third lady of the prime minister's mansion in the capital. No wonder you are treated so badly." In the last two months, he has been in the palace every day, making the playground for the little nephew in the belly of little Yanyan, and this craft is getting better and better. Next to the murderous look hit, let him quickly withdraw the hand on the shoulder of Xiao Yanyan, a silver dart, flew over the back of his hand, and then nailed to the pillar next to it. Can not help skimming the corners of the mouth, peerless this stingy ah stingy, hum! Tang touched his beard with a tangled look on his face and said, "Little Yuna, I heard you're going to sea to Yi's house?" "Yes, Grandpa." "This Yi family is not easy to walk." Speaking of this problem, the queen mother could not help frowning, and her eyes swept over Bai Xinyan's five-month-old belly, saying: "And little Yuna, you have been pregnant for five months, and this body is not convenient." Bai Xinyan reached out and stroked her stomach, and she could even feel a faint heartbeat coming from the palm of her hand. This decision is really capricious, but she does not want to wait half a year after the birth of the child to go,Fish measuring board, not to mention half a year can happen a lot of things, after the birth of the baby, there will certainly be a lot of things in succession, if it has been so delayed, when will it be delayed? Murong Jueshi held her hand and said, "Please rest assured that I will take good care of Yuna." "Shier, are you going too?" Tang Nianyu raised his eyebrows and looked unhappy. Murong Jueshi nodded directly and said, "Yes, I want to go with Yuna." "What about so many things here?" "With my parents here, I'm sure there won't be any problems." "Don't be so wordy. How can you be so irresponsible to put things down here so easily?" Murong Meng took her by the hand and said with a smile, "Yuer, aren't you already ready for the boat to go to sea?"? Why do you still say these words? As soon as the words came out, Tang Nianyu was immediately discouraged. She stared discontentedly at her husband who had torn down her corner. She hummed and said, "I'm letting little Yuna go to sea alone, but I didn't say that the deceased could go together." Murong's words brightened Bai Xinyan's eyes. Before Tang Nianyu could finish complaining, Ying Ying bowed down and said, Fiberglass tape measure ,Adhesive fish ruler, "Thank you, mother." Tang Nianyu wriggled his lips, and finally he just snorted coldly and turned his body around, not to pay attention to the beauty of little Yuna! Murong Kui knew his wife's temperament best. He turned to Murong Peerless and said with a smile, "Don't worry about it. I'll take care of things here with your mother. Maybe when you come back, you can be the queen directly." As soon as Tang Qizhuo heard this, he felt something was wrong and asked, "Uncle, you don't want to be the overlord directly, do you?" Murong Kui did not answer the question, but smiled. Now that it had been decided, Bai Xinyan spent a day explaining the matter of the shop to Xiao Yun and the other stewards, and then the next day she got on the carriage to the seaside, accompanied by Murong Peerless, Tang Qizhuo, Leng Tian, Luo Weixiao and Lu Chen, a total of only six people. Although Xiaowei wanted to go with Bai Lai, this trip was different from the last time she went to the Wulin Conference, and Bai Xinyan finally did not agree to take her with her. And in addition to these six people, also only brought a dozen bodyguards, as well as two Tang Nianyu to find a woman specially responsible for taking care of Bai Xinyan, as for the nine elders of the Yi family, was randomly left in another carriage. Tongcheng was close to the coast, so the next evening they arrived at the seaside pier, where there were already boats waiting. The island of the Yi family is so secret that most people can't find it at all, but Tang Nianyu seems to have been familiar with it for a long time. The sailors he sent were all very experienced, and he gave them a route map to the island of the Yi family. Bai Xinyan, no, now should be said to be Yi Yan, once asked her why she knew so much, the result she said that if you want to know, you have to pay the silver, and then Yi Yan no longer asked, this behavior makes Tang Nianyu quite bitter. All the people on the boat, Yi Yan stood at the bow looking ahead, a green figure suddenly appeared beside him, not by turning his head, he saw Lu Chen is making public a smiling face, with some flattery looking at her. Lord Lu Dazhai, is it really good for you to go to sea with us? What if the brothers of Ziwu Stronghold rebel while you are away? Now think of other also useless, Yi Yan will be depressed in the heart, tease Lu Chen. Lu Chen was very satisfied with the phrase "Lord Lu Dazhai." He said with his hands around his chest and a smile, "Don't worry about this princess. If those cubs dare to rebel, when I go back, I will destroy them all one by one!" "Little boy?"? Why do I hear that most of the brothers in Ziwu Stronghold are older than you? "Well, Princess, what are you doing to expose me?" "Exposing your shortcomings is to give you face. Ordinary people, Xiao Yanyan, don't even pay attention to it." Tang Dashao stood at the bow of the boat with a coquettish face and said casually. The cold day coldly glanced at the two childish men and looked at Yi Yan and said, "Miss, go in and have a rest. Don't stand here blowing the cold wind." Yi Yan nodded,Wheel tape measure, then turned to go into the cabin, inside, Murong peerless and Luo Weixiao two people are together to study the road map to the Yi family island.