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Zhou Xuan smiled and pointed to the seat and said, "Sit down and talk."


Zhou Xuan said with a faint smile, "Sir, you should think about it again. When it comes to buying and selling, we should pay attention to cash transactions face to face and ignore them. If we trade money, you and I will have no room to go back on our words. You can think clearly before making a decision." Looking at the eight stacks of bright red banknotes on the table, the young man's eyes were shining. Although it was too different from the amount before he came, everyone had dreams. Everyone wanted to make a fortune. Whether he could make a fortune or not was another matter. Now, it was his luck to get eighty thousand yuan. When Zhou Xuan asked, the young man quickly answered, "Think about it." "Well, you sign a sales agreement, check the goods, after signing, our business is done," Zhou Xuan immediately pointed to the sales agreement that the waiter took out. This is a familiar thing, now the transaction, in addition to some pure underground transactions will not have a formal sales agreement, the general normal business is necessary, otherwise it is an illegal transaction, and then check up, this is to prove that the source is normal. In the current antique market, the state's crackdown is getting stronger and stronger. The most important thing is to crack down on grave robbery. The two parties who buy and sell antiques have signed an agreement and left a copy of their identity cards, which can put an end to some of the theft and sale of antiques. The young man is not afraid of this, this bowl is indeed handed down from his family, and his parents died in a car accident as early as ten years ago, was brought up by his grandfather, but his grandfather died suddenly of cerebral hemorrhage, so all the property in the family is his, he can decide, but in fact the family is bare walls, there is nothing at all, and this one thing. Grandpa showed it to him when he was very young, but when he grew up, he didn't take it out to him easily. Grandpa woke up for a few minutes after he was rescued in the hospital, but he couldn't speak. He just grabbed his chest. After Grandpa died,endless swim pool, there was a key in his chest underwear pocket, which was the key to the iron lock on the big cabinet treasured at home. The transaction between Zhou Xuan and the young man took place in the corner of the shop, and the scene even attracted two other customers, the rich woman and the old man, who were standing and watching them at the moment. The young man was very anxious to fill out the sales agreement, and finally signed his name below, and Zhou Cangsong pushed the inkpad box. Without hesitation, the young man pressed his thumb in the inkpad, and then pressed his name on the agreement. A bright red fingerprint was printed on the name. Then he asked Zhou Xuan, "Are you ready?" "All right, all right," Zhou Xuan laughed, then pointed to the pile of cash on the table and said, "The money is yours now." Then he turned to Zhou Cangsong and said, "Dad, take out one of the briefcases in the shop and give it to this gentleman to hold the money." Zhou Cangsong answered, and then went to the inner room and took a straight briefcase out, the young man did not understand, endless swimming pool ,whirlpool bathtub manufacturers, but other people are not blind, this document quality is good, at least worth thousands of yuan, his own rotten bag, even if brand new, a hundred can not be exchanged for this bag. Zhou Xuan took the bag from his father's hand, then handed it to the young man, smiled and motioned to load the money. The young man did not check the authenticity on the money detector, but put it directly in the bag, zipped it up, and then hugged it tightly in his arms. He stood up and was about to leave. Zhou Xuan smiled and exhorted, "Don't be in such a hurry. Be careful. It's better to go home directly by taxi or to the bank. Don't take the bus." Seeing that the young man really did not look like a rich man, the eighty thousand yuan made him so excited that he forgot himself. Zhou Xuan could not help reminding him that it was not worthwhile to avoid being robbed or stolen on the road. After the transaction in the shop was completed, no matter what happened to his money, it had nothing to do with the shop. The young man answered "uh-huh" and hurried out of the shop. Zhou Xuan just shook his head with a smile. After the young man passed by, Zhou Xuan picked up the agreement and looked at it. The young man signed the name "Chen yuanlei". He smiled and then handed it to his father and said, "Dad, put it away. ” Old Wu stared at Zhou Xuan, very puzzled, and then took the bowl into his hand, and looked at it carefully. After a long time, he shook his head. In his opinion, the bowl was undoubtedly a worthless imitation of the cellar. Although it was hundreds of years old, it had no value at all. Zhou Xuan smiled, inside the shop, in addition to a few assistants looking at him, the rich woman and the old man also looked at him, want to see what Zhou Xuan is saying. Zhou Xuan smiled but did not speak. Then he wrapped the porcelain bowl with the yellow cloth and carried the broken bag into the inner room. As he walked, he said to Lao Wu, "Lao Wu, come in and say something." This is obviously not to let outsiders know that the rich woman and the old man can not see the play, do not know what Zhou Xuan is playing, but people do not want to show in front of them, that is their own business, immediately turned to look at the goods on the shelf, still looking at the goods. Old Wu and Zhou Cangsong followed him into the inner room. Zhou Xuan smiled and pointed to the seat and said, "Sit down and talk." Old Wu and Zhou Cangsong sat down, followed by Fu Ying also came in and sat down beside Zhou Xuan, also want to find out what Zhou Xuan means in the end. Zhou Xuan opened the yellow cloth, put the porcelain bowl on the table, and then said with a smile: "Wu Lao, you look again." Zhou Cangsong specially turned on the headlights in the inner room, so bright that everything was clearly illuminated, and even a hair could be seen clearly. Old Wu is very surprised, Zhou Xuan this meaning is undoubtedly explained, he bought this bowl is not aimless, is a profound meaning, otherwise how can the eighty thousand money put out? Even if Zhou Xuan is rich again, eighty thousand yuan is not worth anything, more than a drop in the bucket, but it will not be so casual, he is not a philanthropist, the only explanation is that this thing is valuable, at least it is absolutely more than eighty thousand yuan. Old Wu hesitated for a moment, then pushed the cloth aside, took the bowl into his hand,outdoor hot tub, and looked at it carefully in front of the light, but the result was still the same as before, and he was really not wrong.