The realm of longevity

Boom" The thunder fell down one after another, and all of them hit the glittering and translucent jade shell


"What does the sacrifice become?" The thing murmured, "To be able to hold the whole world, to hold all the essence." In the rear, Xiao Chen has a black line on his forehead. Is the little thing going to sacrifice the treasure, or is it going to serve for eating the essence? "Ke takes it seriously," he warned. "I know." Ke turned around and answered, "I've known how to sacrifice the treasure in my sleep for a long time, and now I'm just thinking about what shape and name it will be." Jin Sanyi immediately shouted at the top of his voice: "It's called Da Sha Shi Fang. What a domineering name!" "It doesn't sound good." Ke shook his head and said, "I want to give it a nice name. Well, I want to make it into the shape of a bowl. Everything can be put into it. Let's call it a big bowl." Xiao Chen has the impulse to fall to the ground, this name is too bad, this is still good to hear, "small, what is the thing thinking?!"! The wolf shouted, "It's your style to eat all over the world." Xiao Chen pulled the skeleton aside and said! " Don't listen to him. Yeah, I know. It's not good to eat all over the world. Ke nodded earnestly and said, "Let's have a small bowl." Xiao Chen felt weak, really defeated by the little thing, how still did not leave the bowl ah. Zhuge Fatty shouted in the rear, "The bowl doesn't sound good. Just call it a piggy bank." Xiao Chen kicked him away and said, "Be serious, don't mess up." Ke nodded earnestly and said, "Well,stainless tile trim, anyway, I'm going to make a small bowl. Let's call it Waner." Everyone was speechless, completely defeated by this little guy, and finally had to sacrifice a small bowl, but this Waner was still pleasing to the ear. At that moment, a bloody figure suddenly appeared in the high sky, the divine power of the world, let the valley shake up, demon knife,stainless steel edge trim, immortal shield, accompanied by the pressure of the ancient pagoda, straight to the stone statue in the city. Boom, the nine main vines rose to the sky for the first time, sweeping the sky, the demon knife, the immortal shield, and the ancient pagoda were all shaken away. Just then, Ke suddenly said in a daze, "Xuanzu, are you talking in my heart? Do you want me to sacrifice Waner and sharpen her with the three supreme treasures in front of me?" "Bang" At this time, the nine main vines did not attack the endless distant blood people, but directly penetrated the heaven and earth, extending to the eternal unknown. In the real world, in the eternal void outside the sky, the three ancestors were attacked, metal trim manufacturers ,tile trim manufacturers, and their foreheads cracked like delicate porcelain, oozing blood. The Supreme Ancestor God "At this moment, eight or nine other ancestral gods have gathered outside the sky. When they feel all this, they all exclaim." Just as well, just to test where he went, do not want him to be so strong. A supreme ancestor God is silent and motionless, like an ancient fossil, but there is a divine thought coming out. Is he really invincible? Ancestors and gods of the other world are all scary. No one in this world is invincible, and someone can deal with him. Another Supreme Ancestor responded in this way. Chapter 533 Ke Lianbao. Resurrected from the Archaic Demon City, taking the key step, can't it be invincible? Shocked in the hearts of several alien ancestral gods, I couldn't help but feel awe for the unfathomable nature of the three supreme ancestral gods. Is it possible to deal with the race that goes against the sky? Is there such a terrible existence in my world? The Three Supreme Ancestors are in the eternal unknown place, in three different regions. They are as silent as fossils, sitting in the misty nothingness, always motionless. They did not respond to that question, and it took a long time for a divine thought to come down and say, "Although he has taken the most critical step, he may not really succeed, and even in that ancient time, he has begun to gradually fall." "What?!" Several alien ancestors who listened to the will were all shocked. If he really reached the peak, why did he seal himself at the end of ancient times and not appear in this world? This is enough to explain the problem. Although the voice of the supreme ancestor God is flat, it frightens people's minds. But he is always a threat. "Lulupes is very uneasy. Only after experiencing it personally, can he understand how terrible the life forms growing in the sacred city are.". Can actually kill the ancestral God, this is enough to make people fear the existence of terror. "Zhenfeng is at the end of the ancient world, and he has no sense of security." The Supreme Ancestor God only revealed such a piece of news and said nothing more. This is a race that should not appear in this world, which is known to all the ancestors of the other world, but they feel that they have underestimated the horror potential of the Ke clan. Throughout the history of practice, there are only three or five people in this family, but each of them can be called against the sky, and one of them has taken the key step, which is really terrible to the extreme. At the end of ancient times, the open valley is filled with ancient vines, the huge sacred city is shining, and the snow-white beast Keke is sacrificing his treasure. The little thing is determined to sacrifice a small bowl-shaped treasure, so that Xiao Chen and others are quite speechless, persuasion is useless. I don't know how many gods this family has collected through the ages, but all of them have been completely shattered today and turned into a divine source. Billions of divine splendors are blooming, and they are many times more rotten than the sun. Ke babbled and began to sacrifice his powerful treasure according to the method he had learned in his sleep. The colorful jade shell was suspended in the sky, shining with seven colors of brilliance. "Boom" The thunder fell down one after another, and all of them hit the glittering and translucent jade shell, trying to smash it. The thunder and lightning falling from nine days, as thick as mountains, contains endless divine power, deafening, connecting the sky with the colorful jade shell. The rumbling noise was like a giant driving a powerful chariot across the sky, and the dazzling thunder drowned everything in the world. Boom! The vast land is shaking, the huge city of God is trembling, and the thunder that communicates the great power of the world is vast and unpredictable. Horrible black holes appeared in the sky, all split by divine thunder, and so on, it would smash the sky and sink the continent. At the end of ancient times,stainless steel tile trim, thousands of living beings are trembling and worshipping in this direction. The colorful jade shell in the sky is slowly refined by the thunder and lightning, turning into jade pulp, and the auspicious colors are blooming. "Dong".