The years I was Mr. Yin and Yang.

I have money in my hand, but I can't spend it. At first, I was still angry. How could I be so useless?


I threw out five hundred yuan in exchange for a small frame of game coins, a thousand, a thousand, and I enjoyed it with a heavy hand, and then I went straight. Without saying a word, I pressed twenty into the slot, along with my strongest trio, Terry. Dongzang, and Hongmaru's arrogant prologue. I also laughed arrogantly, ha ha ha! The mortals! Tremble under my power! After playing for a while, the opposite machine came. Not to mention, he was really a master. Maybe it was because I hadn't played for a long time. Maybe it was because the grandson was too strong to abuse me. But with a "four", after that, I laughed. Your uncle, although I can't beat you, I also have a way to make you go away automatically. As the saying goes, a good tiger can't beat a pack of wolves. Two hours later, the grandson could not stand my repeated coin-throwing entanglement and retreated automatically. Looking at the lonely figure of the master, I sighed with emotion. This is the truth that no matter how high his martial arts are, he is afraid of kitchen knives. The master can't stand my many coins! Seeing that it was dark, I wanted to vomit when I saw Lucar playing the arcade machine. I simply stopped playing. There were still hundreds of coins left in my pocket. What should I do? Originally,warehouse storage racks, I wanted to play something like the Three Kingdoms War again. I didn't need fists and feet. I just spent a lot of blood to see if I could pass the customs. But after the first level, I retreated. It was really disgusting. What should I do to play? I suddenly passed by a doll clip machine and looked at one of them. I stopped. I didn't expect that there was such an antique in the doll clip machine now. Looking at the kitten through the glass, I suddenly remembered that when I was young, it seemed that Uncle Liu led Liu Yudi to visit relatives in Longjiang. I lived in my house. At that time, we went out to play as a whole. The market in the small county town was very lively during the Spring Festival, selling everything. I remember that day she and I were walking around with a bunch of ice-sugar gourds, and suddenly she stopped. At that time, I was wondering what was going on. I followed her line of sight,cantilever racking system, and it turned out to be a stupid cat Bibi hanging in the window of a department store. At that time, I didn't know what it was called. Anyway, it looked stupid, so I gave the turtle such a name. But I don't know why, Liu Yu's eyes were shining. Her eyes were absolutely watery. At that time, I was softhearted and knew she liked it, so I wanted to buy it. But as soon as I looked at the price, I was numb at that time. Twenty yuan. Depend on it, rob money. You know, I was really a poor child at that time. Even after the New Year, the pocket money given by my relatives had to be handed over to my parents, that is, my father. At best, my father gave me ten yuan. Even so, I was very happy. At that time, shuttle rack system ,heavy duty metal racks, I had more than five yuan in my pocket, so I didn't have the nerve to open my mouth. Fortunately, the little girl was sensible since she was a child, so she went home with me without saying anything. When we were watching TV in the evening, she suddenly said, "If I grow up, I will marry whoever gives me a cat." At that time, I didn't take it to heart at all, thinking that this little girl was a woman's benevolence, and that a stupid cat had put himself in it, which was not worth it. But now standing in front of the doll machine, I suddenly remembered this little thing in my childhood, which was really a different state of mind. I'm going to die. Why can't I satisfy this little girl's childhood wish before I die? Thinking of this, I grabbed a handful of game coins and stuffed them into the machine. Holding the button, I began to concentrate on catching them like that stupid cat. But when I thought about it, I wanted to curse the street. I didn't know which grandson invented the doll catching machine. It was too difficult to master. After catching it for more than an hour, I was a little mad. I really wanted to grab the stool and give it to Ya. But I don't know where my persistence comes from, and I can still grasp it patiently. Looking at the one in the machine, it fell down again and again, my tears did not know how, suddenly came out, is this my fate? Clearly see, but can not catch, obviously very close, but always miss. To say that if this is the former me, it is estimated that this will stop, but today is not, I said what to catch it out! His uncle. I don't believe that a stupid cat can disgust me! At eight o'clock in the evening, when the day was almost over, I finally caught it out. The little thing was soft in my hand. I looked at the kitten and thought of Liu Yu, thinking that it was time to give it to her. The second watch is over Volume IV Chapter 244 The Last Five Days 16K Fiction Network Updated: July 31, 2010 2:41:26 Words in this chapter: 4456 Shallow people are always lamenting the slowness of time. But I don't know! Suddenly, the heart slipped away quietly, leaving behind perhaps only memories. Just like Wu Laoer in Song Dandan's mouth, who has cerebral thrombosis forever and ever, everyone is shivering. When I had no money, I wanted to have money, but now I have money. But I don't know how to spend it. The most painful thing in life is this. I have money in my hand, but I can't spend it. At first, I was still angry. How could I be so useless? I was so frugal when I was dying. It really should be that sentence. There is no crime in this world that can't be suffered, but there is happiness that can't be enjoyed. His uncle. Originally, I was quite suffocated in my heart, but in the end I got over it. To say that I was like this, I used to think that I was the young master's body running away from the hall, but now it seems that I am actually the young master's body running away from the hall. But these days I have done a lot of good things. I deeply understand that money is an external thing. Walking on the street, I see beggars. In the past. I would have thought they were liars and given one or two yuan at most, but now that people are dying and doing good, I suddenly find that even if they are liars. But it's not easy to kneel in the street. So it's okay to have pity on them. So he went up and gave him a hundred yuan,industrial racking systems, but he didn't expect that he had just given him a hundred yuan, and he didn't know why. Several beggars came out and knelt down to me directly. I looked at these disciples of Beggars' Sect. He sighed in his heart that it was easy to save one person, but it was even more difficult to save many people.