When the Social Fear Strategy Sick Jiao [Chuanshu]

Suddenly, a butterfly group flew out of thin air. Several butterflies wrapped around the piglet and pulled him back.


".." It's better not to praise her. Qin Sisi is a little nervous. — Xun Jieyun was unexpectedly easy to talk to, and Qin Sisi persuaded him to go to the city of Luoyang to find Cui Yin's residence. But his strange pupil is too eye-catching, Qin Sisi tried to burn the contact amulet, called Wuzhi Qi, gave him some cash, went to a small tailor shop to buy two sets of simple linen clothes, plus cut a long and thin cloth belt as wide as the eye. Qin Sisi was glad that the last time she went to buy furniture, she went to the pawnshop to get a lot of silver. Wu Zhi Qi quickly brought things, Qin Sisi after the change, looking at the search is allowed, the heart can not help beating drums. Yoon.. I bought it Do you want to change it? Xun Jieyun understood her intention and changed into a crow blue shirt. Qin Sisi lowered his eyes, looked at the cloth belt in his hand, and went down the hill to persuade him to tie it again. Down Pingfeng Mountain, it is already twilight. Qin Sisi deliberately picked just into the night, intending to quietly step into the city of Luoyang. At the foot of the mountain, she looked at Xun Jieyun's strange pupil. She pinched the cloth belt in her hand, stepped forward, and coughed: "Ah Yun, that..". Your eyes Do you want to.. Xun Jieyun's eyes were slightly heavy, and he looked at her coldly. Qin Sisi silently swallowed saliva, crustily skin of head, pulled out a smile: "I help you tie it, deceive people,steatite c221, you don't have to be afraid not to see, I, I lead you to walk!" Xun Jieyun was stupefied for a moment. Immediately, he smiled slowly. The lachrymal mole thought about the red pupil and became more and more beautiful and coquettish. "Well, you can tie it for me." Qin Sisi breathed a sigh of relief and raised his arms, eh? She tilted her head slightly. He was so tall, how could she reach him without moving?! Will you please bend over, Ancestor! The ancestor was obviously playing with her, pulling an innocent smile at her and looking down at him. Qin Sisi scolded him in his heart and stood on tiptoe,10g Ozone Generator, only enough to reach the tip of her nose. Xun Jieyun looked at her for a long time and said with a leisurely smile, "Si Si, keep your word." ".." You are a sick girl! Qin Sisi did not finish scolding in his heart, but he suddenly leaned over and held her hand holding the cloth belt. The young man's palm was so cold that he pinched her hand and brought it to his eye socket. His fingertips suddenly touched his lachrymal mole. Qin Sisi shook a little. Bring it Ancestor finally let go, Qin Sisi slightly stand on tiptoe, arm up the cloth belt, sleeve down the snow-white wrist sliding down. She concentrated on touching his face, the cloth belt slowly covered his eyes, carefully through the two broken hair in front of his forehead, around the ear bone, behind her a little out of reach. Hey, why are you so tall? Trying to jump on tiptoe, trying to tie him up, the young man covering the cloth belt quietly lifted his arms, through the girl's arms, holding her slender waist in both hands, ceramic bobbin heater core ,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, slowly straightening his upper body, and quietly lifting her up. Qin Sisi suddenly left the ground with his feet empty and startled. Soon, with a slight fever in his ears, Qin Sisi bent over slightly, stretched his hands smoothly to the back of his head, and tied a knot in the cloth belt. ....... Ok 。” Qin Sisi whispered, you can put her down. Putting her down slowly, the boy said, "hold me." Qin Sisi scratched his cheek and pinched one of his fingers somewhat uncomfortably. The moment she finished the action, she was silent. What the hell is she doing? A revolutionary Comrade just holds a small hand to pass the task! What kind of pure love drama is played by one person! ...... It's the damn atmosphere. ! Qin Sisi's heart turned around, and suddenly there was a slightly cool touch in the palm of her hand. She was allowed to hold her palm quietly. A pair of hands were bigger than the young man's, covering her whole hand and wrapping it in the palm of her hand. Sisi, I can't see it. You said you would lead me. The boy's voice was slightly cool. Solvent (VIII) Luoyang's main city gate built outside the spring gate, has been night, the gate is still heavily guarded, in and out of the people line up one by one. On the second floor of the tower also stood the soldiers on guard, standing at intervals in order. Qin Sisi looked at the eyes to find all allow, young people covered with cloth seems to be able to see, accurate and unmistakable on her line of sight. Hold on tight. ” Clenched hand came a trace of pain, all allow to find and her suddenly surrounded by butterflies, his other hand raised a quick knot, the next second, the butterfly dispersed, the scene changed, two people are already standing in the streets of Luoyang City. Just after nightfall, the street lights shone high and the crowd surged. Qin Sisi hung his head slightly, holding the teenager beside him tightly, and walked forward with the crowd. Seeing a sparsely populated alley, Qin Sisi squeezed through the crowd and went in. The dream tapir immediately jumped from her cuff to the ground, raised his front hoof and picked his nose, and he sneezed. A small, misty white cloud, to be precise. Clouds drift away, hidden in the night wind. "What are you doing?" Asked Qin Sisi. "I'm looking for the location of Cui Yin in my dream, stupid girl!" Humming and cursing, he sprang out of the alley. "Keep up." As long as it is the real scene of this world, the dream tapir can determine the location through his own practice of magic, he plunged into the stream of people, Qin Sisi busy pulling to find all allow. Yoon, go. cSuddenly, a butterfly group flew out of thin air. Several butterflies wrapped around the piglet and pulled him back. The little pig wailed: "Smelly boy!"! I didn't mess with you. Xun Jieyun said, "Slow down and lead the way." The little pig hums, the butterfly flies to Qin Sisi's shoulder, the little pig jumps down, honestly makes the map navigation beside Qin Sisi's ear. Qin Sisi walked very slowly, always paying attention to the invisible side of the body, for fear that the flow of people will break up the two people. Not long after, the piggy navigation instructions: "Turn right at the street in front of the city and go inside." Qin Sisi squeezes out the stream of people according to the piggy's instruction, in front of the city turns right is an alley, this alley she looks very familiar. Walking inside,ceramic bobbin heater, there were beige paper lanterns hanging in front of every door. The lanterns were dizzy with the warm light of orange fire. The alley was full of things. Some people were drying clothes, and children were playing in the doorway. There was a food alley in the house. Walking inside again, the pawns and peddlers were fighting crickets together. global-ceramics.com