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Don't take it seriously." Yu Qiu caught the words sensitively: "It's us, all the sons and daughters of China, including you."


Someone cried directly, trembling and repeatedly stressed: "So close ah!" " I haven't flown for three hours in total, but it's close at hand. But their journey home lasted for nearly 30 years. The cries in the cabin continued, and even the second young lady, who had been silent all the time, had red eyes. The steward invited the old lady to say a few words to everyone. The old lady waved her hand and choked up as soon as she opened her mouth. At last she uttered only a few words with difficulty: "Just go home." The plane landed at the airport in Beijing, and everyone looked out of the cabin greedily. Even when the members of the Dalu delegation came back after more than a month, they felt as if they had been separated from the world. The plane stopped, the cabin door opened, and everyone couldn't wait to go out of the plane. Others got off the plane and knelt directly on the ground, patting the earth and wailing: "Dad, I'm back, Dad!" All the people who passed by him were moved. Others held him in their arms and cried bitterly. The joys and sorrows of mankind are interlinked at this moment. Yu Qiu's eyes were also red. She turned her head sideways and wiped away her tears. She was surprised to find that the second young lady's face was equally sparkling. Probably because she saw her gaffe,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, the second young lady turned her head, cursed something in her mouth, and then began to smoke. The steward next to her quickly reminded her to go down and smoke again. The second young lady almost lost her temper, but the old lady stopped her and said, "You should smoke less. Smoking is not good.". You see, your third aunt has quit smoking for so many years,cordierite c520, and you should also quit smoking. Since the old oar saved his life from the jaws of death, Mrs. Oar has stopped smoking. Decades of old smoke wood warehouse, unexpectedly said that does not smoke does not smoke. The second young lady wiped her face, answered vaguely in her mouth, and then wrapped herself in a hat and scarf, which could be regarded as blocking the mess on her face. They were the last people to get off the plane, and the comrades in charge of reception in Beijing were already standing outside waiting. Yu Qiu and He Dongsheng got off the plane, but were suddenly stopped. Mr. Li looked at them expectantly. "Isn't the beloved premier on this plane?" Yu Qiu was almost frightened by the attributive and fainted. It turned out that the charm of the male God was so great that he had such a fan brother. He Dongsheng shook his head and said kindly, "Comrade, Alumina Ceramic C795 ,Ceramic Band Heater, the premier has already returned to Beijing before us." In fact, after the balcony speech, Mr. Wang had already left Taibei. The things that the two sides have talked about have to be implemented, and the only one that the old oar trusts is Mr. Wang. If he does not do it himself, it will be difficult for the two sides, who have been hostile to each other for more than 20 years, to coordinate things. Mr. Li's face showed a disappointed look, and his tone was disappointed: "Well." Immediately he looked at Yu Qiu with a serious face. "You must stick to your beliefs and not be confused by the voices outside.". Believe me, you have the greatest leader. If you want to become a strong and just modern country, you must hold high the great banner of the chairman and advance under the guidance of the chairman's thought! Yu Qiu was so frightened that he was dumbfounded. Was this Mr. Li still an invisible red soldier? I've never heard of this before. But Mr Lee's expression was solemn: "Although I very much hope to be received by the president and the premier.". But I think the two old people are old and busy, so they may not be free to see us. I know that you are members of the Road Delegation, and if there is a chance, I would like you to convey my blessing and praise to them from a thoroughly Taiwan man. He also asked them to be firm in the path of social righteousness and not to be deceived by outsiders. What you see now seems to be developing well, but these are all illusions. It is because the entire economic system is dependent on the orders of the people of the United States, which is extremely fragile and dangerous. North Korea is no good either. What North Korea relies on is Sulian. Only the society is self-reliant and is not afraid of any difficulties and obstacles from outside. Very great, you are in a great era, under the leadership of great leaders, doing great things, you are the envy of many people. Yu Qiu was completely dumbfounded and did not know how to deal with this Mr. Li. It was He Dongsheng who nodded and echoed: "Yes, it is our party and our leaders who have led us to extricate ourselves from the darkness of being bullied and bullied, and to build a new world in which people hold their heads high and are masters of their own affairs.". ” Mr. Li was very happy and nodded: "Yes, this is your most brilliant achievement. Don't take it seriously." Yu Qiu caught the words sensitively: "It's us, all the sons and daughters of China, including you." Mr. Li seemed to be embarrassed: "Actually, I am from Beijing, and I still have my sister in Beijing." The staff who picked them up at the airport had come to urge them to leave the airport by car. When Mr. Li was about to wave goodbye to Yu Qiu and He Dongsheng, he suddenly changed his mind and asked the staff directly: "Can't I say the same as them?"? We need to communicate. The chairman and the premier have said that we need to strengthen exchanges. The second young lady came over to greet Yu Qiu. "You ride with us." Yu Qiu hurriedly said goodbye to Mr. Li: "I still have something to do." Mr. Li refused to give up. "Can't I have a car with you?" The second young lady kept smiling. "Sorry, there are no more seats on the bus." She motioned to He Dongsheng again, "You can take another car." Yu Qiu almost suspected that she had done it on purpose. He Dongsheng kept smiling and greeted Yu Qiu: "Get on the bus and have a good sleep. You didn't have much rest on the plane." As he spoke, he rubbed her head and helped her tidy up her pigtails. Yu Qiu felt goose bumps falling to the ground. Mr. Li was quite disappointed and seemed unwilling to have anything to do with his family. He turned his head directly and called He Dongsheng: "Then I'll have a car with you." Unfortunately, his little wish was not satisfied. The staff refused directly: "You are not going to the same place." The unfortunate Mr. Li could only be left alone in the same place, or the two fellow countrymen who had previously insured him saw him and beckoned him to hurry over. Get on the bus quickly,Ozone generator ceramic plate, and when you get to the destination, you can see your family. I heard that Zhonggong has helped them to bring their families over. We will meet first, and then arrange a car to take them home. global-ceramics.com