I'm not gay.-Go.

I'm not gay.-Go.I'm not gay.-Go.I'm not gay.-Go.I'm not gay.-Go.I'm not gay.-Go.I'm not gay.-Go.


I am laughing all over, laughing all over the body, baa ha ~ small sample you are not drag it ~ drag it again! It's just a very arrogant "little Song Song"! Just listening to the name, I feel that this person is half short (especially without momentum). Looked at the white hair frozen statue split into a piece of appearance, Lao Tzu now suddenly had a bad breath of feeling. Sleep. But the fool Comrade obviously does not realize the directness brought by the general public's appellation of "Song Song". Understanding of meaning) "What are you doing, Yangzi?!" Lao Tzu was so happy that Yangzi grabbed my arm and suddenly tightened his claws. I cried out in pain. What do you call him? Yang Zi's swarthy pie face pressed down from the top, lift this, old! The son remembered again "brainless and unhappy" that paragraph, with high interest to the white hair way: "Yes, Song Song, I went to Senior Xiao that day and heard him say that you used to." I couldn't go on. Because Bai Mao's face changed greatly, he jumped directly from the window to the open space outside. Cover my mouth, pull my arm and run to the lake. Shit, why isn't this the second or third floor? I can't fall Die and break a leg or two! "What did that pervert Xiao Yuye tell you?!?" Bai Mao pushed me against the tree trunk and pinched me with one hand. He looked at my neck and asked ferociously. Eh ~? There's a chance! Originally,smart boards for conference rooms, it was just to embarrass him, but I didn't expect that this "unhappiness" was quite weighty, holding this. The handle should hold a long line. He said everything that should be said ~ " (Han, your smile is teasing = = | | | Song University before the" light Teruishi: "He is always dead." If people knew that he had been crushed by a woman like a big bear.. But, but Pity Song Song,interactive whiteboard for schools, you worry too much. Yang Zi was quick to react. He was silly for a while before, but now he finally caught up with him. Hook Bai from behind with one hand. Mao pulled him apart with his shoulder. The two men took two steps apart and stared at each other again, as if waiting. Wait for the drops of water on the leaves to enter the lake and stir up a circle of ripples, and then the two masters will be swept up by the wind. But it's sunny these two days. So there is no water on the leaves. So although Lao Tzu also wants to see Yangzi and Bai. Who is better if Mao fights? But at the moment ~ heh heh ~ the mountain man has another plan ~ I patted the sawdust on my clothes and said to Bai Mao with a smile, "If you don't want me to say it, it's not impossible." Yangzi caught a glimpse of my carefree and contented appearance and was quite confused. (Yang: What exactly is the situation?) "What do you want?" Cheerful. Since Bai Mao Song asked so readily, I naturally did not procrastinate: "I want you." (Baa Hei Hei Hei ~ Smile first, Yang Zi's face is livid) "Be mine." (Boss! You're not procrastinating!! Song Song sweats in one hand, and his vest is cold. "Follow!"! Ben! As soon as these two words came out, there was a sound of exhalation all around. Hey! When did you gather so many people to watch the fun? Nope I didn't even dare to get too close. I hid, smartboard for business ,interactive whiteboards in the classroom, hugged the tree, and peeped my head. I looked at the same long spit out. Qi Yangzi and Bai Mao.. What's the matter? Is my request too low?! Shit, what do you mean! I am really depressed, Bai Mao complexion one whole, foul voice foul way: "Are you an idiot?"? How could I say yes? “……” ………… ……………… I'm sorry, I said there was no fight today, but this kid needs to be beaten! Fighting and fighting (in fact, it was a scuffle between three people. Han wanted to fight Song, but he couldn't. Yang came up to protect him and help him by the way. Song also used the cold to contain Yang, three people then crowded into a ball, and then), "plop" ~ Lao Tzu fell into the water! Father I never had the nerve to tell you. I'm actually a landlubber.. Result Result It was the two of them who carried Lao Tzu to the school clinic. Fuck! I don't want to talk! Surname Song, Lao Tzu is good, must write your that matter all over the big character poster whole school pastes!!! "What the hell is going on today?" I really want to laugh and say, "Yangzi, your tongue twister," but Chen Yang, this boy is actually a picture. Uh, What can I say? With a serious face like my father, sitting at the head of my bed and looking down! With a black face! And a stiff tone! And aggressive! It is simply described as the attitude of a husband to discipline his disobedient wife. X …… X's.. I'm still.. He was asked to shrink. Shrink in the quilt. Really, even if No matter how many embers I have to burn, they are all gone in the artificial lake of the school. I feel weak when I think of the feeling of weakness in the water. Really, I am a very fragile person! So now this kid is not big or small to me, and I'm not in the mood to be strong with him. It's not bad, is it? Anyway, go to the quilt. Arching again: "That's not the case." "It seems that soaking in water today is very much to your liking?" "X's seedling, it's not that you don't know I can't swim!"! Didn't you just make a mistake again? What a big deal! Ah, do I need to compare with you? Shit, I kicked you in the face! "Who said that?". Is it less for me to fight with you? "Yang Zi now put away his stepmother's face." It's a little awkward. Then what are you doing? "You and that Song Chenyu." When was it so ripe? "Huh?" "You call him today." "Oh ~ you say Song ah ~" mention Lao Tzu today's only record, naturally let me happy blossom. " You call him'Song Song '! ". Super treble, still shaking ~ "I didn't know you were so close." Did you? "Dead Chen Yang!"! What are you doing? You're gonna crush me!!! “……” "Oh, that's the day I went to the Monk Temple!"! When I came back,touch screen board classroom, I tried to tell you that I was going north. It's so weird! To be a master like that. So I forgot what I said before. So and so ~ ~ so and so ~ ~ the surname of Xiao and song, Xie two people talk about the relationship, Yangzi also ancient Curl the corners of the mouth strangely: "Then you don't have to call out in public!" " "Alas?"? Shouting in public is humiliating enough! 。 hsdsmartboard.com