Reverse the routine and wear it quickly

Reverse the routine and wear it quicklyReverse the routine and wear it quicklyReverse the routine and wear it quickly


"You can smile, but you have to promise me one more request." Looking at Qi Lin, Dong Jun's pretty face suddenly turned red. What are the requirements? Qi Lin didn't care much. Flirting. If it's too serious, it's no fun. But Qi Lin still did not expect that Dongjun would say such a sentence: "The way you humiliated me at the beginning was also on Princess Honglian." Qi Lin was dumbfounded. I have no enmity with Honglian, nor with Weizhuang. "I don't care. Who told you to humiliate me like that?" Women's revenge is so strange. () Please remember the first domain name of this book:. Mobile version reading website: The 239th chapter pretends to force the master to go online. King Han brought Princess Honglian to marry. To be precise, it's for a sum. Although look down on Han Wang, but face kungfu must be done, after all, this matter is also the world's attention. Qi Lin eat and drink for Han Wang, and then let people arrange to receive the red lotus princess. By the way, Princess Honglian came to the state of Qin to be a concubine. Although Princess Honglian was qualified to be his queen according to her birth, Qi Lin obviously did not intend to do so. Sooner or later, Korea will be his anyway. Destroyed the princess of the country, in fact, and slaves are no different. Referring to people alone, Honglian is not as attractive to her as Dongjun and Yanlingji. On the contrary, Qi Lin's more headache is Dongjun's request. Yan Fei, are you a little out of shape? Qi Lin felt that he was such a pure person, how could he do such a thing? Dongjun almost exploded when he saw the appearance of Qi Lin's white lotus flower. The man who insulted me at the beginning was not the king. Qi Lin: "…" It's like it's really me. But I have a reason. You and the red lotus are not the same, the red lotus princess is silly white sweet, you are the fox spirit, you are much stronger than her acceptance ability. Qi Lin tried his best to persuade Dongjun, but Dongjun was not moved. I don't care, anyway, the king has always thought that I am not a good woman, then I just don't be a good woman. I'm not convinced. Why is she so lucky and I'm so unlucky? Qi Lin:.. Who told you to like Yan Dan? I just hate him. "Don't you hate Wei Zhuang?" "I hate it too, but not as much as I hate Yan Dan." Revenge Yan Dan that is Ying Zheng's wish, Qi Lin must do. Wei Zhuang simply just doesn't like him to pretend. The nature is different. But Dongjun doesn't care about that. Your Majesty, you can try to hate Wei Zhuang a little more, so that you can do it. Qi Lin really wanted to beat this woman up. And he did. But Dongjun's cultivation is really deep. At least in the matter of men and women, after Qi Lin's long time of teaching, now it is completely worthy of Qi Lin. He tried to make Dongjun yield in this way and failed. King, I won't give up. You give up. Dongjun said breathlessly. Qi Lin: "…" He threw in the towel. Unless there is talent in this area, facial recognition thermometer , it is really difficult for a man to beat a woman, especially a woman who knows martial arts. Three days later. Princess Honglian looked at Qi Lin, who kept walking in, and her body kept retreating. You Don't come here. The beauty with pear blossoms and rain is really pitiful. Qi Lin listened to her and stopped. Princess Honglian, you are too nervous. I don't.. Not nervous, not nervous. "How can you stab an orphan when you're so nervous?" Qi Lin asked her. As soon as Princess Honglian's body stiffened, the dagger fell onto the dragon bed with a clang. Her face was pale. Pointing at Qi Lin, she trembled and asked, "How do you know?" Qi Lin couldn't help rolling his eyes. "You just need to write the word" assassination "on your face. You are lonely and not blind. On the other hand, Princess Honglian, in fact, I don't like you to pretend to be weak and pure. You don't follow this style of painting. After all, Wei Zhuang has taught you swordsmanship for a period of time. You can't call these three words "weak woman". Princess Honglian's face stiffened this time. Isn't that a surprise? Do you know everything? Qi Lin walked into the Red Lotus Princess with a smile, then held her in his arms, inhaled the fragrance of her body, and felt her amazing fullness by the way. Qi Lin found that women in this world are not only generally beautiful, but also very well developed. Dongjun's is very big, Yanlingji's is very big, and Honglian's is also very big. Princess Honglian's face turned red at first, and then there was a trace of imperceptible pride in her eyes. You let me go, or Zhuang won't let you go. "庄 ? Tut, as a lonely woman, you are not very satisfied with your speech and behavior now. "I am not your woman. I only like Zhuang. He will come to save me, and he will kill you. He is the most powerful man in the world." The volume of the Red Lotus Princess has increased slightly. Qi Lin expressed his understanding. In the eyes of fanboys, idols must be the best in the world. Heart and body belong to idols, and there is nothing wrong with them. But Qi Lin did now, as Dong Jun said, awaken a bad taste: He likes to smash this "idol" in front of his fans. " The most powerful man in the world? Wei Zhuang? But why was he beaten by Gu's men in Korea? "You are not allowed to insult Zhuang." The Red Lotus Princess broke away from Qi Lin's embrace and warned Qi Lin aggressively. Before Qi Lin could speak, he heard another voice: "The common people are painted, and the world is burning.". The various schools of thought are all about me. For seven hundred years, behind the rise and fall of every country and every Dynasty, there is a common name, Guigu. Su Qin United the six kingdoms, wore the seals of the six kingdoms, and forced the state of Qin to abolish its plan to proclaim itself emperor. Zhang Yixiong's talent and strategy disintegrated the alliance of the Six Kingdoms and helped Qin to dominate the troubled times. Pang Juan was so brave and invincible that the originally weak state of Wei dominated the Central Plains. Sun Bin, a wise man, was invincible. He besieged Wei to rescue Zhao, planned to kill Pang Juan, and wrote a book on war, which was handed down to later generations.