Tsing Yi Shura-Chen Qingyun _ txt Novel Paradise

Tsing Yi Shura-Chen Qingyun _ txt Novel PTsing Yi Shura-Chen Qingyun _ txt Novel ParadiseTsing Yi Shura-Chen Qingyun _ txt Novel Paradisearadise


The "Three Saints of Lingnan" bounced to the sidelines together, and six terrible eyes were cast on Dongfang Ye. The air was extremely tense, and the old poisons all turned pale. Oriental wild sink a track: "One more move!" Wu Zhongsheng, with a murderous look in his eyes, took a big step forward and drew out his sword slowly. As soon as Dongfang Yeyi looked at the situation, his heart was shocked. The angle of the sword was completely out of the normal track of kendo. Before the sword arrived, the spirit of the sword was already stifled, and the changes contained in it could not be predicted at all. But in fact, there was no room to change his mind. His stubborn character made him have to take this move by force. If there is attack and defense, the situation will be very different. Defending without attacking is tantamount to standing in the position of being beaten and being completely passive. In the middle of Wu Zhongsheng's sword, it suddenly changed again, like eighteen swords, attacking all the vital points at the same time, and all the possible evasive positions were blocked. With a deep hum, Dongfang Ye sealed the frame with twelve percent of his strength in the last form of "scorching sun in the sky". "The sword blows violently, and the gold and iron mingle, as if to tear the night sky." "Ah!" There was a burst of chestnut exclamations around the court. WWW.xiAosHuoTXT.com The eighty-first chapter of the sword T-xt-small, say God. Don Dongfang Ye's left shoulder turned red, and the third move was taken by force. He retreated from the acupoint and stopped the bleeding. Brocade clothes middle-aged Wu Zhongsheng's face was pale, and his body was trembling. He was too excited. The three strokes of "Juehu Swordsmanship" were all taken over by the scholar who seemed to be seriously ill. It was too unexpected and amazing. Like this,grey marble slab, could he still win the "Blood List"? Although slightly in the upper hand, but the other side is only defensive but not offensive, hard to take three strokes. The old faces of the "Three Saints of Lingnan" have all changed. No one expected that the sick scholar in front of them was even more terrible than the "Qingyi Shura" they feared. How could such a trembling master come out of the Central Plains Road? His skill was incredible, and he was not afraid of poison. The Great Sage of Heaven said in a chestnut voice: "The boy can't let him get away alive." East ambition read a turn, meaning with disdain to Wuzhong track: "I've learned the three moves of Juehu Swordsmanship. Do you dare to take just one move?" "Don't be insolent!" The middle-aged man snapped. "Do you dare?" "Don't say one move, what's the harm in ten or a hundred moves? We're in the bubble, with you and without me." "Very well, that's the very word." The "Three Saints of Lingnan" move together.. Wu Zhongsheng replied,White Marble Slabs, "Master, wait a minute. Let the disciple try again." The three old demons stopped, but their ferocious state made people shudder. East wild hand sword slanting, sink a track: "Ready!" Wu Zhongsheng a shake hand in the sword, put out the style of the hand, mouth way: "Just do it." Moonlight, the two figures on the ground pulled long, the scene is quite chestnut. With a snort, Dongfang Ye made a "cosmic flood and famine" and rowed out with ten successful forces. Lingnan Sansheng said, "How experienced you are! As soon as Dongfang Yefu made a move, you immediately knew that Wu Zhongsheng couldn't catch it. The three of them split a palm together, and the three rows of mountain palms converged into a huge stream, like the dangerous waves on the cracked shore, rolling towards Dongfang Yefu. The three old demons joined hands to deal with a younger generation of Wulin at the same time, Marble Projects ,white marble slabs, which may be the first move in their lives." "The ground is absolutely inferior saint" at the same time shout loudly: "Retreat!" But the power of the palm was not as fast as the sword, only to see a curtain of light, cracking and flashing. "Wow!" "Ah!" After the tragic call, the stuffy hum followed, and for a moment, the scene came to a standstill. Wu Zhongsheng dragged his sword upside down and staggered back. Dongfang Ye was shocked by the overwhelming force of splitting the empty palm and flew eight feet obliquely. A mouthful of blood spurted out of his mouth, and his body flashed. Bang! Wu Zhongsheng threw his sword and fell down. The sound of exclamations was deafening. Under the moonlight, Wu Zhongsheng's brocade clothes quickly changed into purple sauce. Three old demon a pounce and before, "people absolutely holy" bent over a visit, chestnut roar: "It's over!" The "Great Sage of Heaven" gave a strange cry: "Is it hopeless?" "People absolutely holy" quickly even point Wu Zhongsheng several big holes, and then chestnut track: "It may be hopeless!" "What, really!" "With a sword in the chest, I'm afraid I've hurt my heart.". ” "Day absolutely holy" followed crouched down, stretched out a grope, suddenly sat down, mournful tunnel: "It's hopeless!" The "earth" and the "people" both turned around and saw that the sick scholar had disappeared. Immediately, his eyes were about to crack, and the bullet body swept toward the horse path in the forest. The rest of his men also followed one after another and rushed into the forest. Dongfangye was attacked by the "Three Saints of Lingnan", because he was absorbed in the sword. With this shocking blow, he was forced to bear it. Knowing that his internal injuries were not light, he dared not try to be brave any more. While the three demons were trying their martial arts, he quietly threw himself into the forest, gritted his teeth to endure the pain, and went around to the back of the temple with a very fast posture. Then he bent over the road and rushed into another forest. Breathe a little in the forest, then look in the right direction and run around the long way to the ancient temple where the people in gray clothes gathered. By the time the "Three Saints of Lingnan" turned their heads and searched separately, Dongfang Ye had gone far away. The eastern sky showed the white of the fish Maw, the dawn wind raised his arms, and the night dew touched his clothes. Dongfang Ye rushed to the gate of the ancient temple, only to feel the upwelling of blood, dizziness, physical strength has been exhausted, he leaned on the ground with a sword, holding back not to fall, but has been unable to move an inch. What people? Drink sound of four or five men in black rushed forward, one of them exclaimed: "It's him. Tell the master quickly." Another man ran over and looked around. The man in gray arrived in a hurry. Without saying a word, he picked up Dongfang Ye, returned to the temple, and placed him on an old wooden bed. Dongfang Ye was too weak and seriously injured, and the "Yi Xing Shu" was broken and returned to its true colors. " "Ah!" He.. He will change! One side of a few men in gray clothes, such as ghosts, all face pale, sad feelings, overflowing. The man in gray with a wave of his hand: "You stand down!" His men withdrew from the room, and the man in gray said excitedly: "I should have known it was him." Dongfang Ye, in a semi-coma,Carrara Marble Slab, struggled to keep his mind, opened his eyes and looked at the man in gray beside the bed, weak tunnel: "Just.." Suffered internal injuries! 。 forustone.com