Master of Xiuzhen School]

Master of Xiuzhen School]Master of Xiuzhen School]Master of Xiuzhen School]Master of Xiuzhen School]


Zhan Qiu, Gu Tan, Qin Changfeng three people silently walked behind, Gufeng group tomb, four people in the rain, survived the disaster, naturally sigh unceasingly. Here Zhan Qiu looked at Qi Xiu and hesitated to speak. Here Qi Xiu knew that they had discussed it and planned to abandon Heihe Peak and move the cemetery. Although it is the right thing to do, I have other disputes here. There have been decades of peace in the gate, and many younger generations have never fought with people, so it is impossible to go on like this in Baishan. It happened that there were many low-level ghouls in the collapsed small world at the bottom of the mountain. I was not going to clean them up, but to gather them up and build them into a place of trial in the gate for my disciples to practice. Gu Tan, this matter is left to you to do! Enough for Qi training disciples to use. "As for the matter of moving the tomb." If you're not busy moving, it's still quieter here than the White Mountain. The place of trial is an advanced facility at least available to the yuan Ying Sect. Even if it is only provided for the use of Qi practitioners, the cost will be extremely high. At the bottom of Heihe Peak, the remaining ghouls in the pseudo-six reincarnations, as well as most of the small space damaged, if they can be used, Chu Qinmen can actually save a lot of investment. The matter of building, can not rely on Baishan forces, Gu Tan thought carefully, or decided to go north, first to find the way of Qi Yunchu family. The matter here, Qi Xiu with anger south, strong king thought of the square, will be under the hands of the gang to see the wind to turn the rudder of various forces, a good knock. Speaking of it, Qi Xiu took in the Qi family of Kongqu Mountain and restored the Xiong family of Beilie Mountain. The She family of yuanhe Mountain also relied on him to get to where they are today. But these are all empty, Chu Qinmen slightly decline,ultrasonic dispersion machine, they will unite, together to hide in Siguofang. If Chu Hongchang and Qi Xiuzhen fall on Heihe Peak, and Shuijun Ying does not let go of Qi's makeup, the decline of Chu Qinmen is certain. On the one hand, they can protect themselves according to the city, and on the other hand, they can divide the Siguofang, and everyone can get some ready-made soup to drink, which is in charge of the life and death of the host family. Xiong Tiebi, Qi Bingyan,ultrasonic metal welding, She Yishan and Gan Long are the four patriarchs who take the lead. Qi Xiu came back alive and kicking after three years. Qi Xiu has made up and made pills. They have completely lost their temper. They have received Qi Xiu's punishment and dare not move a little bit. To get these done, Qi Xiu returned to Chu Qinshan, the secret library and the responsibility of passing on work or their own management, the library pursued to Qin Zhi, law enforcement pursued to Pan Jialuo, and set up Mo Jianxin as the head of common affairs. Mo Jianxin is anxious to get the elixir. The flying sword has not been refined for many years, and it is impossible for him to be in charge of the common affairs. In fact, his wife Luo Xiaoxiao is acting for everything behind the scenes. However, Luo Xiaoxiao's cultivation is too low to convince people, and he still needs to borrow Mo Jianxin's tiger skin. The head of the school had already made the elixir, and it was not appropriate to keep so many elders. Qi Xiu dismissed them all, and set the standard of the elders as the golden elixir monks who were disciples of the inner school, so Qi Xiu was the only one left. The situation in Shandu Mountain has been settled, and the new forces in the north of Chu Qinmen have risen, and they are busy again. There is also the matter of moving the mountain gate. In the present Chu Qin Gate, there are two golden elixir monks, Qi Xiu and Qi Zhuo. There are ten monks, including Zhan Qiu, Mo Jianxin, Gu Tiesheng, ultrasonic cutting machine ,sonicator homogenizer, Zhang Shengnan, Qin Changfeng, Nangong Yanran, Mingzhen, Pan Jialuo, Gu Tan and Yao Qing. Among the disciples of Qi training, Duoluosen and Qin Guangyao are in sight of building a foundation, and a new generation of young geniuses are beginning to emerge. There are more than 100 disciples outside, and Chu Qinshan is definitely not enough. The place of Longxing, formerly known as Jianying Mountain, has developed rapidly, but due to its own conditions, it has finally come to the time when it has to give up. Next to Siguofang, there was a ready-made Luoshan available, where there were one hundred and eight three-step lower grade caves, and Qi Xiu took them back from the Siguofang collegial discussion on the pretext of punishing the vassals. Thought to do, picked a recent auspicious day, changed the name of Luoshan to [Siguoshan], six [silverback ray] back and forth several times, vigorously and vigorously completed the relocation event. And no longer low-key, single-minded prestige, immediately began to wantonly organize the completion ceremony of the new mountain gate, by the way, the makeup of the knot Dan ceremony, Qin Changfeng and Nangong Yan ran marriage together. Qi Xiu, a sophisticated sharp knife, straightened out the mess in the door within a few days. After three years of training in the pseudo-human world, his mind became more sharp and clear, and his decisive power was higher than before. …… Thinking of the mountain, the square in front of the hall was full of distinguished guests. Qi Xiu, holding a glass of wine, frequently wished people a distant wish, but his attention was all on the two people during the banquet. During the three years when Qi Xiu was in distress, the land of the mountain capital took the opportunity to unify and had a new master. The two brothers of the Yehe family came to the scene together, saying that they came to congratulate, but in fact they came to observe and demonstrate. The purpose of Qi Xiu's invitation to them is not the same. Ye Hetu, the head of the family, was a monk in the middle of the golden elixir. His younger brother, Ye Helian, was in the early days of the golden elixir. Although it was a big day for Chu and Qin, they did not hide their deep hatred for Qi Xiu in their eyes. From the day of the end of the pioneer war, the Shandu melee lasted for nearly 30 years in terror. In the past few years, Chu Qinmen was too busy to take care of himself. In the last twenty years, behind every bloody killing in the mountain capital, there was almost a huge shadow of Chu Qinmen. Support the weak, challenge the strong, and when the weak become strong, the next training object has already fallen into the eyes of Chu and Qin, and so on. What Luo Xiaoxiao had learned in his life was brought into full play in the balance of all forces in Shandu. If it hadn't gone wrong in the middle, the Ye He family would have to carry heavy shackles and continue to struggle and fight in Shandu endlessly. Thirty years of swords, thirty years of life, thirty years of gratitude and enmity, thirty years, enough to make blood and tears dry, mountains and rivers change hands, black hair turn white. Gu Tan said that the mountains are either not unified, once unified, will certainly hate the Chu Qin Gate, now a prophecy, Qi Xiu can only face the reality. We came all the way south, and since we crossed Beilie Mountain and arrived in the territory of Chu and Qin,ultrasonic dispersion machine, the secular world has been peaceful and peaceful. It is not too much to say that we do not close our doors at night and do not pick up lost things on the road. Look at this Siguofang, how lively and prosperous it is. Ye Hetu and his brother's voice into the secret, all can not escape Qi Xiu's "listen to the true ear".