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Four consecutive concerts, a total of 290,000 concert tickets, were sold out, which also set a new record for concert ticket sales in the United States. No one will question Lee Jun-yi's appeal, no one will question whether Lee Jun-yi's world tour concert can be successful, leaving only exclamations, all the media have joined the ranks of fans, began to look forward to Lee's world tour concert. Many media immediately turned around and exclaimed, "Yi is about to replace Michael?"? Jackson Becomes New Concert King Although there are still more than two months to go before the start of the concert, the media always love to exaggerate so much that they don't need to care too much. Of course, what is more expected is that Li Junyi can break the Guinness record of 180,000 spectators participating in the concert at the Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, which has become the focus of media discussion. Second watch today. [Text 1022 Music Festival] 1o22 Music Festival Recommended Song: gym. netbsp; heroes-The. Fighter (Feat. Ryan. Tedder) About the world tour, Fred at the moment? Pyle is in charge After promoting "Yi, Yi, Yi," Lee continued to enjoy the busy awards season. The Golden Globes were followed by the Grammys. This is the first time that Li Junyi has attended the world's most prestigious music awards ceremony. The Grammy is a variant homonym of the gramophone. The music award named after it has a history of more than 60 years,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, and its trophy is shaped like an old gramophone. Although the Grammy Music Award is an award in the American recording industry, it has now become one of the most influential music awards in the world. The Grammy in the music industry is like the Oscar in the film industry. Although it is undoubtedly marked by American culture, as an award with worldwide influence and one of the entertainment centers in the world, it is naturally of great significance. Most musicians around the world are still proud to win this old gramophone. In addition to the fact that the United States has always been the center of global pop music and represents the high level of pop music, Grammy has also been recognized by the world because of its authority, impartiality and wide influence. The Grammy Awards are awarded by the Recording Academy of America. People who do not have genuine talent and learning and lack of persistent pursuit of music career generally can not enter the recording society. The jury, composed of many senior professionals, will be trusted by music lovers. In addition, the selection of the Grammy Awards has a very strict system and procedures, ultrasonic cutting machine ,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, which effectively guarantees the fairness of the selection. The influence of the Grammy Awards in the world is no less than that of the Oscar in the world film festival. The Grammy Awards show can easily attract more than 1.7 billion viewers in more than 170 countries around the world. This made Grammy go to the world medal ceremony and made a great contribution to the Grammy Music Award becoming a widely accepted award for musicians all over the world. Grammy-winning works are obviously not the product of a few people's hype or the self-praise of record companies, but are selected by experts and strict procedures. The high quality of these works and the rendering of television not only make the winners popular and the records sell well, but also play a leading role in the music chcháo stream. On the other hand, the judges are also consumers, and naturally they will be affected by the market. Hot records, popular singers and popular movie songs are also the easiest to enter their vision. As the top seller in the United States and worldwide in 2o1o, "apo1ogize" stole the show at the nomination announcement party last Christmas. The album "apo1ogize" helped Li Junyi successfully compete for the four awards of Best Production, Best Album, Best Song and Best New Artist. In each category, "Just..". The. ap; you. "Are" was placed in the pop category, competing for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance and Best Pop Vocal Album for Lee Jun-yi; "Last. Friday. "Night" was nominated for the best dance album in the category of dance music, while "apo1ogize" dominated the genre of R * B music, and Lee Jun-yi was nominated for the best R * B male singer, best R * B song and best R ※ B album. In addition, in the MV section m mén, "apo1ogize" and "a1most. "Lover" was shortlisted for the best short story and the best long story respectively. After the nomination list came out, Li Junyi created a series of records. Of course, as a Chinese, all this is a new history. Apart from that, this nomination is a history in itself in the history of Grammy. After winning 12 nominations, Lee Jun-yi has set a new high for Grammy nominations. The media has been frantically predicting whether Lee Jun-yi can break Michael? Jackson is here The record of winning eight Grammys in a single year was set in 1983. In addition, while Li Junyi was nominated for the Best Newcomer Competition, he was also nominated for three other annual comprehensive awards, which also became the focus of media discussion. Shocking as it is, it's not the first time it's happened at the Grammys. Production of the Year, Album of the Year, Song of the Year and Best New Artist were awarded in four general categories, which became the Grammy Grand Slam? Klaus once created this great cause. Nora in 2oo3? Jones came very close to replicating the miracle. Actually, Nora? Jones did win all four awards. It's just that the best song of the year is for the creator, not the singer,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, so although Nora? Jones' song “don’t. kno. "Hy" won the best song of the year, but the gramophone did not end up in her hands, which is a pity.