Peep at the Heart--a Snow in Winter

Peep at the Heart--a Snow in WinterPeep at the Heart--a Snow in WinterPeep at the Heart--a Snow in WinterPeep at the Heart--a Snow in Winter


Gu Ye Xi nodded, his eyes glancing over Huang Jiade's shoulder and looking at the two elders. Father Zeng is 1.8 meters tall. Although he has a small belly, his hands and feet are very slender. He knows that he has a good figure when he is young. Mother Zeng wore plain clothes and looked very quiet. Although there were many wrinkles and spots on her face, she could still see that her facial features were very delicate. She was definitely a great beauty when she was young. Gu Yexi went into the room and greeted the two elders with a smile and nod. Zeng's father looked at him angrily and ran to the balcony to smoke, refusing to speak. Mother Zeng smiled a little sheepishly. "He doesn't have a good temper. He's not usually like this." Gu Yexi: "It doesn't matter. Well, how long haven't you contacted Xiaoyu?" "I called him the day before yesterday, and I haven't been in touch before." "Why did he suddenly move out when he had been living at home before?" Zeng's mother smiled, "he said that the family is more partial, and it is not convenient to go to work." Gu Yexi: What was he like in high school? Can you talk about it? Zeng's mother said, "He has been very good since he was a child. He studies very hard and learns very well.". But every time the exam is too nervous, so the exam is not good, but I know that he is very smart, the teacher also praised him. Gu Yexi: "So, how is his relationship with other classmates?" Zeng's mother: "The relationship is very good. He is very popular with his classmates. He receives gifts on his birthday every year." Mo Wang listened, and a lot of question marks gushed out of his heart, feeling that the person she described and the Zeng Tingyu they knew were simply two people. Is there anything strange about him recently? Mother Zeng shook her head. "No." Gu also thought about it and said euphemistically,Edible oil filling machine, "Do you know that he had a quarrel with other students in high school?" Zeng's mother didn't seem surprised, but she didn't seem to have known it for a long time. It was more like hearing a joke, "Isn't it normal for children to make a little noise?" Gu Yexi: "Did he tell you?" Mother Zeng shook her head. "There's nothing to say about these little things." Gu Yexi glanced at the balcony and asked, "Has your husband ever hit him?" The smile on Mother Tseng's face faded a little, and she said in a slightly stiff tone, "No." Gu Yexi lowered his voice,Beverage packing machine, "We know that he hit him with a belt.." Mother Zeng interrupted Gu Yexi and looked away slightly. "No.". Why do you ask these questions? Gu Yexi changed the topic, "Now your son is in a state of complete loss of contact, have you ever thought that he might be somewhere?" Mother Tseng: "I don't know." Gu also Xi no longer asked what, looked at Mo Wang one eye, walked into Zeng Tingyu to the room. There are no pillows and quilts on the big bed. It seems that the bedding has been put away after moving away. A large bookshelf is neatly filled with books, all of which are textbooks, guidance books, examination papers, and even exercise books from primary school to university. But there are no books that have nothing to do with school. Gu Ye Xi: "Didn't Liang Jie say that Zeng Tingyu read comic books?"? Why is there no one here? I remember there was nothing in his rental house. Mo Wang: "Not to mention comics, there is no extra-curricular book in the bookcase. Is this not normal?" The desk in the room was clean, nothing was put in it, PET bottle Mold ,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, the drawer was unlocked, there were only some scattered sundries and a photo album, all of which were photos of his childhood, and in all the photos, Zeng Tingyu was with a straight face. Clothes were left in the wardrobe, and there was nothing special except that the color was black, white and grey. Mo Wang said in a low voice, "This room seems to have no personal belongings at all, like a high school student's dormitory.". No, high school dormitories have more character than this. Gu also Xi agreed, "well, indeed.". ” Huang Jiade: Didn't he move away? Could it have been taken to the new residence? Didn't you go there just now? Gu also Xi shook his head, "there are not many personal belongings, and most of them are after his work, before that?"? What about high school and college? Mo Wang: Throw it away? Put it away? Gu also Xi looked around the room, and did not see any storage box, this house is not big, does not seem to have any sundry room and so on. He touched his chin and said, "I think maybe he never had any personal things.". When you look at the room, there is nothing but sleeping and studying, which may be his whole school days. Huang Jiade: "No, so miserable?" Gu also Xi looked at the time, it is already very late, although Zeng Tingyu has not found, but the people who may be hurt have been protected. He arranged for two police officers to stay at Zeng's parents'home and for police officers to stay at Zeng's rental house in case Zeng suddenly appeared. At the same time, he closely monitored Yan Fangfang and might have contacted him on his own initiative. The others let them go back to rest first, and then continue to search for him tomorrow. When I got home, it was already late at night. I was so tired that I couldn't sleep. Before he went back, he asked Meng Ning to sort out the details of Zeng Tingyu for him. He printed out the information and stared at the thick stack of paper. He decided to harass his new neighbor. As soon as he knocked at the door, Mo Wang immediately opened the door, "Captain Gu, I heard it this time." Gu Yexi held back his smile and nodded, thinking that the pupil was really scared by me. Mo Wang was a little nervous. As soon as he was ready to take a bath, Gu also knocked at the door. He thought, fortunately, if he was a second late, maybe something embarrassing would happen again. Gu Yexi generously sat on the chair of Mo Wang's house,water filling machine, and the stack of materials "snapped" on the dining table, "Come on, let's study this Zeng Tingyu." 。