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Another person listened then: "Not bad.". Although Tang An kills people without blinking an eye, he is a man of filial piety. I heard that he left home at the age of six and went to Shushan alone to learn from his teacher. But before he was six years old, he was weak and sick, and he had a medicine jar. I don't know how hard he studied and practiced in Shushan for ten years, so that he could practice such a world-beating skill. I have also practiced martial arts, which is not something that ordinary people can stand at all. "Hum" but at this time, suddenly appeared a person cold hum. Hearing that someone was not right, the man immediately turned his head to see who was so shameless. But as soon as he looked at the man's clothes, the expression on his face turned 180 degrees. Smiling, he bowed and said, "Oh, it's Brother Six.". I just said it was hard to practice martial arts, but our sixth brother is a genius. Now, he has entered the White Tiger Hall of Jun Tianshen Sect. It can be said that he has a bright future. He should help his younger brother more in the future. When the sixth elder brother heard the man's flattery, his face softened a little, but he said, "His martial arts are not from Shushan.". Don't you know that he was only in Shushan for three months before he was expelled from the school and wanted by Shushan for ten years? "Oh?" All the others said in amazement. Since he was not trained in Shushan, did he join other powerful families after that? Being expelled by one of the major sects, it is reasonable to say that other major sects will not receive income. But things are special cases, such as Tang An's talent, according to their thinking, if other schools do not accept,Vegetable oil filling machine, that is strange. The world also attaches great importance to talents. But Brother Six still shook his head and said, "No." The others were surprised and asked, "No?"? So how did he get his kung fu? With a sneer and a cold voice, Brother Six said, "It was a murder." The others held their breath and said no more. When they looked at Tang An, they felt a great chill in their hearts, their pores contracted, and even on a hot day,water bottle packaging machine, they felt a chill all over their bodies. How many people have to be killed in the martial arts of killing people? ………… As soon as he stepped into the inn, Tang An's eyes swept and he immediately noticed that there were three tables of guests sitting on one side of the inn. There are only a dozen guests at these three tables. At the moment when Tang An entered the door, more than a dozen people glanced at him, and then continued to drink and eat as if nothing had happened. These dozen people seem to have nothing to do with each other. But the texture of their clothes is clearly the same. It's Shu satin and carp brocade. When Tang An saw this, the corners of his mouth smiled coldly. To spy on me? Hum pretend all the way, where there is no your eyes, when I do not know anything? I just want to take my parents home, you do not provoke me, I will pretend not to recognize. As for whether you Jun Tianjiao will rebel or not, that's the emperor's business. What does it have to do with me? Jun Tianjiao knew that Tang An came to Yangzhou. For this reason, the church has also separated the two sides of the speech. One side said to give Tang Anlai hard, let him know that Jun Tianjiao is not what he can provoke. The other side is hoping to win over Tang An. After all, the power of the court is very weak for the restraint ability of the master of heaven, if the master of heaven does not want to work for the court, the court has no way at all. Besides, CSD filling line ,juice filling machine, Tang An was not a direct descendant of the imperial court. He entered the realm of heaven by relying on his own talent and practicing step by step, nor was he cultivated by the imperial court. He did not belong to the court at all, but he had no intention of enmity with the God religion, so he wanted to use the court to deal with the God religion. Now, if someone can pull down the face to apologize, perhaps it is still a situation of not knowing each other. For this reason, the two sides argued endlessly, until in the end, it was the crazy Ming Ruogu who smashed a chair and said, "Leave him alone.". For the sake of my niece, he wants to pick up his parents and let him pick them up. But if he dares to cause trouble in Yangzhou, you can go with me. No matter what the sword of heaven and earth is, I will waste it all. So, Tang An came to Yangzhou, although all Jun Tianjiao knew what he was doing, but no one came to provoke him. He watched helplessly as he crossed the state and province to the boundary of Lin'an. Along the way, there were indeed many people watching Tang An, but this time, Tang An guessed wrong. They are not the people of Jun Tianjiao, but the people of Li Wuhan in Shushan, and the leader of these more than a dozen people is Li Wuhan's first disciple, Ma Liufeng, a strong man in Tianjing. Ma Liufeng was disguised as a bearded man at the moment, and was drinking with a tall and thin man sitting next to him. They drank together, and at the moment of the collision of the bowl mouth, they sent sound to each other. Elder Martial Brother Ma, Tang An is in the inn now. Do you want to do him here? The tall and thin man asked, glancing fiercely at Tang An. Ma Liufeng also followed a look at Tang An, Tang An sat there, seems to be saying something with the small evil, but in fact his attention has been on this side. Ma Liufeng shook his head and said, "Shifu didn't give the order.". We must not act rashly. Otherwise, you and I can't afford the consequences of breaking the master's business. Perhaps Li Wuhan's means of controlling his disciples were too severe, and when the tall and thin man heard the word "master", he said nothing more. Inside the Jun Tianjiao Ming Ruogu's brocade robe, golden crown, purple python belt, sun, moon and stars flow on his clothes, just like a God. He stood on the Juntian Pavilion, overlooking the city of Tiandu, and there was a purple attendant kneeling opposite him, telling him something. Ming Ruogu listened to the purple waiter's return, and his face was always filled with a faint smile, giving people the illusion that the whole world was under his control. At this time, he was the Jun Tian Zuo Shi that everyone feared, the actual ruler of the Jun Tian Sect. Will Tang An arrive at Lin'an at noon? The speed is about the same as I estimated. I thought about it, and Tang An didn't have any trouble along the way. Are the disciples of our Juntian Sect too weak? Although Ming Ruogu was asking the purple waiter in front of him,liquid bottle filling machine, the purple waiter lowered his head and looked nervous, and did not dare to answer at all. If he dares to answer a word, he will die.