The Story of Fairy Sword: Duai Chonglou

The Story of Fairy Sword: Duai ChonglouThe Story of Fairy Sword: Duai ChonglouThe Story of Fairy Sword: Duai Chonglou


"Hehehe, she is the beauty you said, she is scolding you!" The blue light circled around Bai Chuan Ming and giggled. If it hadn't been for a lot of questions about men and women that annoyed Bai Chuan Ming, he would never have dared to risk his life to take it to play in the world. What demon is it again? Stop making trouble and get out of the way. "Yang son, Yang son, you don't go," the old man has come after, suddenly saw the white cut Ming, holding Yun Muyuan's arm, "demon … Monster? Bai Chuan Ming went around to the old man in an instant and pinched him by the shoulder. "Girl, come with me and I'll let the old man go!" At the right time, he pulled Yunmuyuan away and fixed him. The blue light went around Yunmuyuan's whole body and finally stopped in front of Yunmuyuan's eyes. His eyes were so clean. "Let go of my grandfather, let go." Seeing blood flowing from Grandpa's shoulders, Yunyang was so angry that he clenched his fists with both hands, and the dust was flying around him. Bai Zhan Ming only felt frightened! "Su," Bai Chop Ming called softly, "Su, don't look any more, look ahead!" Let him go! Or I'll send you to your grave! Blue eyes, black print, dark blue cloak, light pink circle of light enveloped her … Su Fei went to Bai Zhan Ming's ear, "Magic Blue Cloak!"! She's from the demon world. You're going to be so stupid that you don't even know her! "The Demon World?"? Impossible! "Don't let go!" With a wave of Yunyang's right hand, Bai Chuan fell down in the same place, and the old man fell down because he lost his center of gravity. Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Four white lights fell in response. Girl, you have become a demon. Don't blame my men for being heartless! Wu Tao couldn't bear to look at Yun Yang. Yesterday, he and his two Younger Martial Brothers went to search for the whereabouts of the monster. They happened to meet the master outside the city. It turned out that the master had come to find the three of them. Because the spirit beast of the master was suddenly strange, several elders in Shushan calculated and learned that a demon appeared in the world. Although they didn't know what her purpose was, they felt her powerful demon nature and had to guard against it. No, the enemy is coming. What are you looking at? Run! Bai Chuan Ming whispered, and Su sniffed, "Kill people, I want to kill, which one do you say to kill?" "Stay, don't fool around, go!" All right! When I kill one, kill one! "Ah.." Yang. Son! The old man exhaled and died. Ah Master. Shi Kongren looked pale and suddenly died. Yunyang froze,uns c68700, "Grandpa!" "Empty!"! Empty!! "Younger Martial Brother" "Younger Martial Brother" In everyone's opinion, it must be Bai Chop Ming's vicious hand, "Go!" With a smile, the blue light bloomed, enveloping the white and flying away. ———————————————————————— If there are no special circumstances, the update time is usually in the morning, thank you for your support! Chapter 13 was caught by mistake Yunyang hugged the old man, "Grandpa, I'm sorry, it's Yang Er who hurt you, Grandpa, Grandpa you left Yang Er how to do, Yang Er no longer have relatives!" Muxuan Taoist nodded slightly. Wu Tao and Xing went around to both sides of Yunyang respectively. At the moment, Yunyang was concerned about the old man. He must seize the opportunity to catch the demon. Muxuan Taoist sat on the ground, left hand on the top, right hand on the bottom, palms facing each other, Wu Tao pushed the Eight Diagrams figure to the top of Yunyang's head, 316ti stainless steel ,x70 line pipe, the purple gourd was placed on the white dot in the Eight Diagrams figure, Muxuan Taoist suddenly opened his eyes, palms facing the Eight Diagram figure, and suddenly the golden light rose.. "Ah.." You, you.. Yunyang felt weak and collapsed on the old man's chest. Seeing that Yunyang could not move, Wu Tao walked up to the Taoist Priest Muxuan, "Master, he is empty.." "All right, you can bring Kongren back to Shushan!"! Wu Tao, you and your teacher have properly imprisoned her. "Yes, Master!" "As you wish!" Yun Yang glared at Yun Muyuan ferociously, and he proposed to the Taoist that he be temporarily imprisoned in the Yunfu dungeon, insincere! Demon, I am a demon, when will I become a demon! Is it Paris polyphylla? Demon, I am a demon, can I accompany him around? Magic Dragon Inner Hall The white demon looked anxiously at the demon. "White Demon, if she is really a demon fairy, she must be rescued. However, I have promised Master Xu of Shushan that I will not ask about the world any more. There will be a fight this time!" "Demon Zun, the Demon Immortal is in trouble. How can she ignore it? She is a demon for the first time. She must not know how to luck.." "White Devil, are you contradicting yourself?" "I dare not!" Demon Zun has always been decisive, but now he hesitates because of his agreement with mortals? With his hands behind his back, Demon Zun heaved a sigh of relief, "That's all, White Demon, you go to the world quickly and bring back Yunyang, but you can't fall out of the Demon Trace!" "As you wish!" The echo of the word "fate" is still here, and the white demon has disappeared. Yunyang? If there is no mistake, Ben Zun just said to bring back Yunyang, when the name appears in my mind, oh! Magic fairy, if she is really a magic fairy, maybe we should ask it. Magic dragon! With a sharp roar, a small dragon head emerged from the whirlpool of red light, and the ice ballast in the magic altar hung on its horns, whimpering something. Is she really here to become a demon, and a demon fairy? Demon Zun looked at the magic dragon in surprise, she could be so simple to transform into a demon, is really rare in the demon world. Whoo whoo whoo. The little dragon shook his head and shook off the ice on his horns. The magic dragon is the dragon that guards the lifeblood of the demon world. It often lives in the place of the demon altar to absorb the evil spirit and enhance its practice. It just heard the urgent call of the Demon Zun. It opened its eyes and flew, only to hit the icicle of the Demon altar. When yuan comes out of the altar, he will have his own explanation. Demon Zun frowned. How could the old beard come out of the altar ahead of time? It seems that this is not a small matter. "Go back to practice!"! And slow down next time! Whoo, whoo, whoo. Xiaolong nodded excitedly, perhaps this is the warmest sentence he has ever heard, and it is from the mouth of the demon. Demon fairy, come out for the robbery! Is it true, then what will happen to the demon world? It seems that we have to go to the world. Let me out, you lunatics! Let me go, Yun Muyuan! You're not human! And that ugly Shushan disciple, why do you arrest me? Yunyang shouted, the only thing she can move is her mouth, not to say is not a waste? Yunfu dungeon, she had been here, when she was a child playing hide-and-seek with Muyuan, she accidentally came in, did not expect that today she was trapped here, demon, demon how! If there was no Demon Zun to help,a333 grade 6 pipe, the world can be peaceful so far? "You wasters, if you don't catch a demon, why should you catch me? It was the tiger demon who killed my grandfather and your Shushan disciples!" "Let me out." 。